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How do you find the courage to start and run your business?

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Inactive Etsy Member 4:24pm Sep 3, 2011 EDT edited
Both my father and step father served in WWII, your post has pricked at many memories, many surrounded by the mystic of great speeches and the history of Berlin. As somewhat of a history buff this takes me to the words of Winston Churchill who said, “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities... because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”

I asked both my father and step father what they felt was the meaning of courage and their replies were very similar. Courage doesn't mean you aren't afraid it simply means you do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

I'm sure your audience has a deep intimate knowledge of courage. Your trip takes me back to President Kennedy's 1963 speech "Ich bin ein Berliner". I vividly remember news casts showing people trying to escape over the Berlin wall. As a child, I often wondered how deep a longing to free must they have to summon the courage to climb that wall. It is not lost on me that the first person who was killed attempting to escape was a woman. What enormous pride I felt as the wall came tumbling down in 1989.

What an honor for you to be able to make this journey. Etsy, the free market and Berlin! It is with pride I say, "Ich bin ein Berliner" and I have a shop on Etsy.
I think the courage to start something brand new comes first with validation. You sort of get the notion that you just might have something to offer when friends, family, strangers voice more often than not... compliments. Nice things that are said about that certain something that you and only you have. Then you start thinking maybe...just maybe I should try.

That’s what happened to me. : –))
Claudia Napa Valley Pooch Etsy.com
It was kinda of a last minute decicision.. Didn't really think it thru too much..

Started listing things i made .. then from there i started researching,paying more attention,and actually trying to make things work.
I came back to read the posts and love the stories of courage and/or resourcefulness.

Wonderful thread.
It was far less scary than losing the well paying corporate job from which I was laid off.

It was far less scary than being a over-fifty woman going on job interviews for the first time in a very long time.

It was far less scary than investing in a B+M store.

I had pretty much nothing to loose, so I was far beyond scary!

However, I thought it was temporary... but three years later it is my full-time, very satisfying employment.
@TheInspiredTrader - thanks for passing along what your father and stepfather said about courage. I'm really grateful to the people who really put themselves in harm's way. That is true courage.

@SEOWebDesign - it is wonderful, isn't it? I feel really lucky to be doing what I do, and for the generosity of this community. It's truly something to behold.
This quote came my way the other day.

“We must use what we have to invent what we desire.”
― Adrienne Rich

I found it inspiring because it reminds me to find, believe in, and use my inner resources. Because sometimes that's all we have available to us. Without inner resources, external resources alone can only take you so far. So, the quote says to me that if you have nothing else available to you but yourself, your desire can still be accomplished. And it gives me some strength to believe that.

And of course, I falter at times. So I try to connect with my passion again, and to believe in possibilities again, so I can keep trying to figure out how to make things work in my own little sphere.

Maybe the picture isn't perfect, and the external resources to help you achieve your desires aren't available to you. The quote reminds me to find and focus on what I do have and affirm my desires over and over to myself until I believe and am committed. A strong, clear desire becomes the path and driving force to try and find a way to make it real.

And maybe it takes courage to believe in a future we can't presently see or feel could truly be ours. And maybe that courage to try comes out of necessity too, especially when we see our alternatives. But we can't even imagine a different future until we can clearly define for ourselves what it is we desire that future to be. It can be an awfully bumpy road, but it's also where all the bigger possibilities live.

Rokali is to be commended for creating this etsy avenue as a place where we can come with a desire, and sometimes very little else, to help us pursue a future we want for ourselves.

And thanks to you too, Chad, for posing the question here to give me pause to think about it. And thanks too for giving all of us the chance to read the personal stories and thoughtful responses written.
My courage comes from my passion for creating. Finally, in mid-life, I found beading, jewelry making, and bead making. I love what I do, and my passion gets me through the rough spots when I doubt myself and my business. I'm also a professor, and my passion for teaching and for my students functions the same way: when I feel done in or don't know exactly how to handle a situation or how to help a student, I plug into how much I love to teach and my students, and how lucky I am now to pursue two passions: teaching and creating.
I (Country Mouse) originally started a little shop on etsy selling some of my sewn items. I told my daughter about etsy and when I bought myself a new sewing machine I gave my 30 yr old Singer to her. Well, she got excited about learning to sew and together we opened a shop.
We've never looked back. I have some health issues and this etsy shop of ours has enabled me to express myself and feel confident in my talents. We are having so much fun and making money at the same time. You could say etsy has made an unbelievable difference in my life!
I lost my part time job due to my health issues and have more than replaced thar income. With the partnership my daughter and I have, we have our sights set on many more creative endeavors in the future. And, to think it all started with etsy! Thank you!
NapaValleyPooch: "I think the courage to start something brand new comes first with validation."


I think that sums it up for me in a nutshell!

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