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Do I need Insurance to sell Handmade Soap

If I was considering making handmade soap and selling it on Etsy.....do I need to have liability insurance or proof of liability insurance in order to sell soap....or can I just make it and sell it....I see hundreds of soap shops on Etsy...do they all have special insurance to cover damages in case someone breaks out from their soap and if so....how do we as a buyer know which shops actually are covered and which are not?

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No, you do not legally need insurance, but it's highly recommended.
Even if the tests are done on every batch of soap? before u sell it? i want to make soap, but hear i need to have this insurance.... But i feel i wont make my money out of it by selling it, to cover the insurance... I have family with diff. allergies that will be testing these soaps out before they were ever put on here.
If anyone wants they can convo me instead of posting here....
The answer is no. I used to sell handmade soap, and plan on selling here in the near future. You don't need insurance.
Thank you Marshmallowandlily :)
I would like everyones opinions on here if u can all pitch in :)
I run a vintage shop, but hope to open a shop to sell soap and other products in the future, so have looked into all this.

Legally, you do not need insurance.

But it is a VERY good idea to buy it anyway. If anyone uses your soap and gets a rash or any other type of reaction, they could indeed sue you. In my opinion, it would be foolish to sell without it, as you never know what could happen. They call it 'insurance' for a reason.

A lot of soapers here on Etsy have insurance. A lot of them buy through the Soap Guild. I do believe it's about $500 a year for a million dollars of coverage.
Is there anyway to pay it monthly? and what soap guild?

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