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How to Easily sell your items on Etsy - You can Make money on Etsy

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:35pm Sep 18, 2011 EDT
Selling Items on Etsy Isn't as Easy as it Sounds - but Follow These Tips and You'll Soon Be Making Money on Etsy

A lot of Etsy sellers think it's easy to sell on Etsy - that is, until they list their items and realize nothing is selling. I've been selling artwork on Etsy for more than 2 years. During that time, I've learned a lot about how to actually sell the items I list because it's all very well to list them but, if they don't sell, you're just wasting listing fees. It is possible to make money on Etsy though, in fact some sellers make a lot of money on Etsy. But almost all the sellers who make a lot of money use the same selling strategies. If you too want to make money on Etsy, then follow these quick tips and you'll see the number of items you sell increasing every day.

Make Sure Your Shop Looks Professional - I'm always amazed at the number of Etsy sellers whose shops do not look professional and whose listings have spelling mistakes and incorrect information in them. If your Etsy shop does not look professional, very few people are going to buy from you. A professional shop however makes you look trustworthy and makes you look like you know what you're doing. More customers will buy from a shop like that.

Make Sure Your Photos Are In Focus - One very important thing you must do if you're wondering how to make money on Etsy is to make sure your photos are good. There are thousands of Etsy sellers that have out of focus photographs of items they're selling or even photographs where you can hardly tell what the item is. There isn't a customer alive that's going to order something if they can't see the product properly. So spend some time to figure out how to take decent photographs. This alone will increase your sales quickly.

List At Least One Item Every Day - To make money on Etsy, you need to list at least one item every day. Items get listed so fast that, if you don't list every day, a couple of days after you've listed your items you're already on page 200 of 'Search' so no one will ever find your shop. If you list or relist just one item every day, your shop stays close to the top in the 'Search' feature.

Relist Items Often - If you want to make money with your Etsy shop but you don't have new items to list, make sure you relist an item in your shop at least 2-3 times a week. This may seem like you're spending a lot of money on listing but it really is worth it as I found almost every time I relisted an item I would have a new sale. During months where I hardly list or relist anything I usually have no sales. Relisting, again, keeps your shop at the top of the 'Search' feature so that buyers looking for specific things can find your products.

Spend Time In Etsy Forums - Make sure you go to Etsy forums, read the topics (there's a lot of helpful information there from other sellers), participate in some of the discussions and get to know some of the other Etsy sellers. I've had quite a few sales because I've posted in the forums and someone who has seen my post has visited my shop.

Be Unique, Don't Copy Other Sellers - There are always sellers who open shops on Etsy and copy other more successful sellers. This never works because the successful seller already has an established client base. Make sure your shop looks unique and that the products you sell are not the same as other sellers on Etsy. I changed my whole artwork style recently when I discovered someone else was copying me. My sales improved, hers didn't. I plan on changing my style again in the next few weeks - it makes my shop look unique and gives me new products to sell.

Sell To People Outside the US - Many sellers on Etsy will not sell to customers outside the US. This is a very short sighted way of running a business and, if you notice, almost all the top sellers on Etsy sell to anywhere in the world. Etsy often reports that over 40% of its sales are to people who live outside the US, so if you refuse to sell to them, you're already cutting your sales chances by almost half. It's not difficult to ship things outside the US and if you send them registered mail, you can track them so there's little chance of your package disappearing. I've always sold to anyone who wants to buy from me and, actually, over half of my customers are now people who don't live in the US.

Don't Waste Your Money On Showcasing Your Items - There are several places on Etsy where you can spend extra money for your items to be 'showcased'. This means they are given preferential placing in areas like 'Search'. Most sellers report, and my experience was, that paying the extra money has little or no effect on sales. You would be better spending the money on listing more items and therefore keeping your shop at the top of the 'Search' feature and not wasting it on a tiny little 'Featured Item' slot, which isn't likely to garner you sales.

Read Interviews By Top Etsy Sellers - Etsy often has articles with interviews by top Etsy sellers. They also choose one seller once a week that is a 'Featured Seller' on the front page and they always do an interview with them. These interviews include some of the best tips I've ever seen about how to make money on Etsy as they're by people who really know their stuff. Make a mental note to read as many of these interviews as you possibly can, and make notes about what they're doing to increase their sales and then apply the relevant ones to your Etsy shop.

Many sellers on Etsy wonder how to make money there, but it's really not that difficult. Be a professional seller and have an Etsy shop that looks professional. List or relist one item every day. Go into the Etsy forums, don't copy the products of other sellers but instead choose your own unique style, sell to people outside the US and don't waste your money on showcasing your items. Finally, read as much information as you can from people who already know how to make money on Etsy - you'll learn a lot and see your sales increase quickly. It's not easy to make money on Etsy but if you work hard, you can do it. Anyone can.

For more information, please visit my shop as belows:

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:42pm Sep 18, 2011 EDT
Be Unique, Don't Copy Other Sellers?

It looks like most of your items are images that are copyrighted, are you licensed to sell things from Disney, etc. ?
you have been here 2 days?

Did you know that Promos in the forums are a no-no?
*slinks into thread and curls up in the corner*
This ought to be good.....
A very interesting post, I have recently done a showcase & nothing has come of it. Infact I had less traffic into my shop on that day so I probably won't be doing it again. From you post though I will definately be listing items more often. Thanks for the advice.
yes...and that...

you are selling copyrighted images?

Thanks for sharing these tips but please consider Teams as a way to promote your shop and listings. Thanks for keeping the Forums rules in mind. www.etsy.com/help/article/360

I would have to add be careful using copyrighted images and logos. If you don't hold a license to reproduce them you can be sued for copyright infringement which carries a steep fine.

Also use all for featured spots in your shop and a shop banner to bring everything together.
One thing you should not do is sell copyrighted material.
Thank you so much for the info*

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