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How long does it take to sell on Etsy?

I've been on here for over a month and no sales. Have tons of views and people marking me or my items as favorites, but nada. Any tips?


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Every shop is different. It took me 3 months for the first sale, about a year to make regular sales. Are you promoting your shop and bringing in your own traffic?
What types of promoting do you do ???

We have to bring our buyers into our shops ourselves. It takes a little effort, but it is well worth it.

Good Luck !!!
I see you have about 24 items in your shop. I was advised when I first started to try to get up to 100. How long would you stay in a store with only 25 things to choose from? (except maybe an ice cream shop).

There's alot of competition on Etsy. Just go to the main page and click on your category of goods you sell and look at the number of items for sale. I sell Jewelry and there's over 2 million items listed. So when someone buys from me I feel like 1 in 2 million!!

You have to do something special to get seen and then have something that somebody wants at a price they are willing to pay.
I suggest using all of your tags so that more shoppers can find your items.
It was about 6 weeks before I got a sale. I tend to average about a sale a month, but August I had none and I had to put my shop in vacation mode for 2 weeks and nothing so far in Sept. it is either feast or famine
Figure out who your target market is and find places where they congregate, then start talking up your products. You can promote all day to people not interested in buying and not sell a thing, but if you find the right buyers, you you can make a good following and sell lots. It's all about smart promotion.
I hope that makes sense.
It takes a while. I've been here since April and get a sale or two a month. Have to get your name out and start somewhere.
I would like to suggest joining a team or two. A BNR team would be a good start (buy n replace).
Mmmm ice cream.....

It varies buy shop. Some of it is just luck as well. Took me less then a week, but months before I had semi regular sells.

I wouldn't worry so much about sales yet. It can take time. I'd focus on promoting, creating a brand, and creating more items. The more you have in your shop, the more likely someone will find you and you'll have what they want :-)

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