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Free Advertising! Use it!

I was just telling another person about these and thought it might help out some people who were looking for advertising but don't have the money to pay for it. Well I am one of those people. Why pay when you can advertise for free? It can't hurt and can only help you. There are lots of places to advertise but you have to put the time in and join these sites and work on it. Here are a few

I have enough to pay for without paying for advertising when I can get it for free. So everyone, instead of crying because no one buys from you, get out there and look for the free places like those above!!! They are there you just have to find them. Also, if anyone wants to add more places to this list, feel free! Happy sales to all!!!

Remember, they are all FREE!!!

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Bumping this up myself so people can see it.
I agree! Someone put one of my items on stumbleupon (on another venue) and I got nearly 300 views in no time!

Thanks for posting!
Is stumbleupon like Bestie? Bestie gives hundreds of views for a minute and then flatlines immediately after the short burst. Did you see views over time, or just for a minute?
Sorry, Just realized I've been had by a zombie thread. :o

Ignore post, unless you have success with stumbleupon. :)
Thanks! Will check into. Need to get more advertising outside of etsy. Been posting business cards and flyers in my local community too ;0)

Rhody, I always remember that you were the first to heart my shop when I first opened. That's when we had the super fun and active promotion section on the forum! Miss it ....
That is very good advice Rhody, Thank you! You shouldn't have to pay for advertising as there is plenty out there for free.
Mini I just pinned one of your items in Pinterest. I hope you can see this, its the first item

Knitwhats, I'm so happy that I did!!!! Your shop is wonderful. I'm going to pin something of yours too. I'll be back to tell you what I pinned in Pinterest!
So very sweet! Thanks!
Thank you Rhody! Appreciate the helpful Etsians! You rise to the top :)
Thanks for that list! I am definitely going to check those out.

I am one that will not be paying etsy for good to know about these alternatives :)
Knitwhats, I started a new Board on Pinterest for Knits. See it here
plus when someone clicks on your item it take them right to your shop and that item!!!

These boards are like making treasuries. You call them what you want and you promote others items. You can put one or two of your own but its mostly others. But the good part is people can still get to my shop too. So its a win win situation!

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