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Is it possible to live off of your Etsy income??

I quit my high paying retail management job of 4 years recently with the hopes that by limiting my budget and my Etsy and craft fair sales could supplement my lost income. So far it's a no go unfortunately. I know that Etsy likes to do those "Quit Your Day Job" articles which are inspiring....but how realistic is it? I found some articles that said very few people make a liveable wage off of Etsy and even if sellers do very well, the expenses end up being huge and the final wage is still pretty low. Should I start applying for jobs again? What are you thoughts on all this? I am not expecting to be a millionaire or anything but it can be discouraging when you work hours and hours on promoting and producing with very little payback. @__@

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I haven't sold a thing since August, so NO!
Its everyones dream I think but not a possibility for everyone!
It is a definite possibility, keep striving. My husband and I rely on my Etsy Shop to make a living, both of us work from home on the shop alone.

However, I didn't have such pressure, as we didn't quit our day jobs until the Etsy Shop was making us enough money to live on.
There are some handicrafts where you can make a livable wage (as opposed to a supplement-your-spouse's-income wage) if you sell oodles, but I've got the impression they're the ones that only have a couple hundred results in their category on Etsy.

I don't think it's wise to quit your day job *then* start selling, though. Sell while having a dayjob until the side job gets rolling so much that you've gotta quit to spend more time making inventory. Don't want to completely lack income while still trying to get the ball rolling.
I think it is! Right now my Etsy income supplements my husbands and helps us afford things other than the necessities. I think it depends on what you're selling as well...if it's something that is in demand all the time then you're more likely to be able to make it work :) Plus ask yourself if you can set yourself apart from everyone else selling the same kind of item. With lots of competition that's something I'm always working on!
I mean things are still okay now. My fiance is super supportive and he makes enough to pay the bills but I want spending money (to spend at Etsy lol). I am used to pulling in a big income so I at least want to bring in something! Just wanted to know if there were people out there living the dream haha.
It used to be until they switched to relevancy and came up with search ads.
Current rate of growth, with minimal expenditure? About 2 years for me, but that doesn't include rent/mortgage. On the other hand, my car will be paid off in April so I can start putting towards the mortgage, or, you know, get health insurance. :/
I really don't know. Right now I am working part time (my day job:)) and sewing on other days, but at the end of the day that's two jobs and it can be very exhausting. For this combination you really need to be organized:)Sometimes I wake up and don't know am I a teacher today or a seamstress:))
I guess it takes time! Just keep on working hard, I somehow always believe it will pay back at the end. Wish you luck and <3

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