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E6000...SAFE TO USE????

Hmmmmm...I've been using this for ages now, LOVE it but have recently had 2 customers ask me to make their custom orders using anything BUT E6000 as they were worried about it's carcinogenic ingredients.

I've read the blurb and warning on the tube but am now having 2nd thoughts about using it!!!

What are your thoughts on the issue


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It does have some pretty bad stuff in it, but so do a lot of other adhesives. I don't know too much about the actual hazards of it, but you could request the MSDS from the manufacturer.
It has a horrible smell! I keep it in a sealed box in my supply closet. I haven't used it in years so I should probably throw it out. I did read the back and the fact that you need to be in a well ventilated area and the California warning is kind of scary. Is there any alternative you know you can use and will work? If so, I may try that if you've had multiple customers request an alternative.
Mine doesn't have a smell....
I never noticed an offensive smell either.
Living in California - you see this warning everywhere. Home Depot, swimming pools, etc. California has what I think are ridiculously over broad standards that scare people unnecessarily. That said, most organic solvents (the stuff that evaporates in glue) are not great for you. That is, except Elmers :).
Good thing I don't live in California.....
uhh well i'm sure it's horrible for you in general, most glues are, but people love it and use it and probably will continue. For me, E6000 and ShoeGoo are the best adhesives around. I use them to fix and recycle tons of stuff in the household. I think people probably should worry more about the McDonalds they are eating or the toxic crap that's in soda rather than stress about a few nanonparticles of glue.
This^^^ I recommend handling ALL chemicals in the art studio as if they are potentially hazardous, BUT I rarely give one up if it does the job I need it to do. OTOH, I do not make things that go in the mouth, that are used with food, or that are for kids, so carefully used chemistry, including adhesives, are safer, IMHO, than many things eaten by humans without a 2nd thought these days.
THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
horribly toxic. www.crystalz.com/E6000-MSDS.pdf
So is baby powder, apparently... still...
good point scentbythesea! I totally agree. It is sickening knowing how meat animals are treated and what crap people shove into their mouths. I only eat grass fed beef.
What scent said.
I only buy non-toxic adhesives and varnish. No point in exposing your customers and yourself to harmful chemicals if there are any alternatives, right?

Edited to add:
When I make the choice to eat junk food I know it's bad for me AND delicious. This hardly means I then have to expose myself to all other harmful chemicals. Does the E6000 tastes better than other glues?
ditto wildflower. especially if your making anything for children.

here's a vegan alternative. store.veganessentials.com/weldbond-vegan-all-purpose-glue-p1511.aspx
Is the alternative as good as E6000 when gluing rhinestones? Have you used it? If so, on what projects? I've been on a quest to find vegan glue so this is fantastic!
I would honestly be the most concerned about you, since you're the one exposed to the fumes. Please make sure you really do have adequate ventilation.

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