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Being able to add more than 5 photos to a listing...

...even if I have to pay a small fee.

On most of my stuff it's hard to narrow it down to JUST 5 pictures. On another site that I sell on you can have as many pics as you like for free, but I know that sites like ebay charge a small fee for extra pictures, which I am fine with, as long as I have the option to use more than 5...

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The best way to circumvent the 5 picture limit is to put 2 pictures in one picture slot, I do that with clothing sometimes if I need to. Takes a little more time, but it works.
Just getting six instead of five would make me a happy bunny!

I spend so much time on the (ever so boring) product photography, it feels like a shame not getting to show it off properly. ;)
What program do you use to get the two pics in one slot?
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:43am Oct 16, 2011 EDT
ButterBean (love your shop name!)- You can put photos together side by side in nearly any photo editing program. Just cut one image and paste it next to the other in the new window. Then save the combined file as a single photo.
Good morning Neighbor!
I will have to try the cut and paste. Never thought of that.
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:06pm Oct 16, 2011 EDT
I use IrfanView (you can download it free), after you crop your photos, click on "image" then "create panorama image" and proceed...

It is actually really easy! You can stack the image or do side-by-side.
I wonder if our shop visitors want to look at more picture's and how the lay out of the page would look like with more pictures.

The 2 or more picture's in one slot (I have seen 4 in one slot) are not adding anything extra to the exposure of your item, it doesn't look good, I think.

This is how I get around it when I need more than 5 photos. See the fourth picture:


I edit my pics in Photoshop CS4. After I've got them the way I want, I open a new file that's 1140 x 1140 pixels (regular size photos are recommended 570x570 pixels) and paste in four different photos.

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