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Etsy, you must be losing money..

I truly believe that etsy must be losing money with all of these changes. Relevancy for one must be hurting big time shops here. I have talked to sooo many etsy shop owners, that are great sellers here.. (shops with thousands of dollars a month in fees on a typical month for some) and they said as soon as this relevancy change hit, their shop sales went down the tubes. Im no big selling shop here, but I do this full time and Ive seen the same since the change. Ive lost out as well. I just cant see how etsy made money off of this change.. my typical monthly fees were roughly $100... etsy gets that money... and then after the change my new monthly fee was $13. Etsy lost money there for sure because I wasn't getting the sales. Same goes for other shops too that Ive spoken to personally. So, search ads.. is this etsy's way of saying, "oops... relevancy change was a bad idea and we need money so lets charge our shop sellers here using adwords?" I really just dont get it. On a side note, is there any point in relisting anymore?

now for the smaller shops, it seems as though they love the relevancy... its just the big fish here seem to be losing out and the little guys get noticed. Is this etsy's way of getting the big kahunas out of the sea and bringing the little guys up to filter on out? makes me wonder..

im also sure there are plenty of things here we do not know that etsy is doing behind the scenes. Seems so sketchy. Im just not that happy with etsy here lately. I want things to go back to the way they were before, now its so stressful. And no, this is not the only place I sell and promote, but is my main selling site.

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There are several issues being discussed here, but one common concern seems to be about resellers. This is something Etsy takes seriously. Here is another thread where Andrew has commented on this issue and how it is being addressed: www.etsy.com/teams/7718/site-help/discuss/9132280/page/1

Hi Everyone,

Just jumping in to say keep your words kind towards each other and your criticism constructive.

Thank you.


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etsy stands to make a lot more from the increased sales than they ever did with renewing- a whole lot more

buyers are able to find what they want a lot easier.

getting to the top of the heap here is just like getting to the top of the heap in google now

only google is harder.

the little fish now have a chance to be seen as well as the big fish. it's about your title/tag combination, and in larger searches recency also plays a part.

Relisting still brings your shop to the front. I usually only list new, or sold items.
I made one big sale right after relevency was released, and pretty much nada since then..

I'm not a big selling shop whatsoever, but I had 4-5 sales a month -- which to me was spending money for myself AND have enough in my paypal to pay my bill.

I *really* hope this is just the calm before the storm, so to speak, with the holidays coming up...
Actually, if you read the last weather report it says sales are up!
Pumpkin, try putting the word earring in the front of your titles.


For this listing, use the tags

Sandwich earrings
Peanut butter earring
Food earring
Kid earring
Lunch earring

Try to put the word earring in as many tags as you can.

Hope this helps!
Or bread earrings
Funny earrings
Kawaii earrings
Orange earrings
Read the weather report real carefully. Click of the weather report within the weather report and you will see that things aren't going well for etsy.

Compare increased sales in July and August compared to September. The % in devastating.
What is the weather report? I'm curious to read it!
wimsy can you give us a link and explain more what you're referring to please?

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