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Protect IPA/SOPA Act could affect artists and their use of the internet for creative purposes

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Laws that protect intellectual property cannot even begin to be compared to fascism, no matter their shortcomings or flaws.
It all starts somewhere, regulation, control......hmmm.......
And it is not going to come at us labeled "Fascism...open at your own risk....", it all comes in disguise. This is not designed to protect intellectual property, it is designed to continue with the elimination of open competition and open sourcing; imposing then the ever growing monopoly from those who will continue having the biggest toys and tools at their disposal. Eliminate the freedom of exercising free open exchange of creative ideas, the sharing of goods, the semi-ongoing-barter amongst those who really are a small outfit (such as the majority of us Etsy users), and what do you have???
Sometimes, understood not always, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We must remember, in this life there are creators and there are consumers. There are activists and there are voyeurs. Everybody has a function. It is the imitation Prada clutch that a 16 year old girl buys at a bazaar sometimes the inspiration that motivates her to ever one day become the earner which will grant her the opportunity to buy the real thing.
I would love to ever have created something that would move someone to imitate it.
Swoon: it doesn't even take an actual copyright infringement, all they need to do to shut down the ENTIRE site is FILE A COMPLAINT. Megamegabig corp is tired of people being able to spend their money anywhere else, they can file a report VS the site (even with no actual infringement) and shut down all the small businesses that use the site

I asked before and no one answered -

where is the wording that says 'they' (whoever 'they' are) can close down an entire sales venue like Etsy based only on a complaint filed?
You need to read the bill... It's pretty much clear if you read the bill. I'd copy past but I don't think it would let me paste the entire bill here. Its the sole and entire purpose of the bill.

Which is why its scary. What browser are you using? They can shut that down too. This is AMERICA. THIS IS NOT China, Iran or Egypt. We don't black out websites. To everyone who thinks HOORAY this will clean up etsy, Incorrect. It will kill this website. KILL. I would prefer not to pay for someone else's idiocity.
I would love to ever have created something that would move someone to imitate it.

That may be because no one has stolen any of your ideas and creations, replicated them, and started selling them in direct competition with your business - assuming that you consider your shop a business - without giving you credit or compensation for your time and creativity.

When it happens, you might feel differently, perhaps as if someone has stolen something from you, which they would have.

If you don't consider your shop a business, then it really does not matter, does it?

Liz Hutnick from LizHutnick says

Maybe during the listing process, there can be an a box you check in the "about this item" section that states your listing complies with Etsy's rules and copyright laws. If you don't check it, you are unable to continue listing. There can be a clickable link to an informative section on copyrights, licensed characters, and such for clarification. That way, no one can say they didn't know.


That doesn't stop the seller from posting copyright protected items.
I'm for IP laws. I am anti censorship regardless of what the censorship is trying to fix or protect. Censorship is BAD. IP laws are good. Personal responsibility is good. SOPA is stupidly obtuse, overly broad tool of the entertainment industry to recoup their lost revenues by not getting with the 21st century.

If this were any OTHER industry trying to get this done people would be flipping their you know what about how ridiculous this is.

Thoughts from across the pond..

I am by no means endorsing copyright infringement, but this is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and drive a wedge into the Internet to allow further erosions of freedom of expression, speech, privacy etc under the vague implication of "protection".

If the US govt wants to wall itself off from the rest of the internet, watch your economy suffer. I'm not trying to critical, just stating facts and the inevitable.
This laws stated "intent" and "actual" vested corporate interests and subsequent use will veer off in vastly different directions.
It will be used as a Sledgehammer, and achieve all the wrong things.

You will effectively be putting up a Firewall between your country and the rest of the world, tying your companies up in red tape which takes away their stability, and ability to compete globally.

Please bear with me and think.

Nearly all of the largest companies are currently US-based, but English is by far NOT the most commonly spoken language on the Internet.

The number of Chinese, French and Arabic-speaking users already exceeds native-English users (from a graph on Goldman Sachs - www.scribd.com/doc/75862303/Goldman-100-Charts-2 if you're really interested!).

All this will do is create "niches" for non-US companies to step in and fill up the empty spaces left. Operating on Servers based elsewhere. Used by Everyone else. Invisible, and blocked to anyone in the US.

Remember the Cold War anybody?? Russia under Communism was an enclosed, self-sufficient economic area. Was that successful?

(I say this jokingly/tongue-in-cheek, as a non-US person, and child of someone who grew up in Poland - Mum has now lived under both economic systems and can compare them - She finds it hilarious that the USA now seem to want to copy the former USSR's aggressive isolationism policies and total State Control of people, and that the current most sucessful "capitalist" economy on Earth is the Chinese. LOL!!!

The short-sightedness of this legislation is beyond belief. America is not the Internet. Its currently *most* of the Internet, buit if this passes, not for much longer. The Internet will adapt around this, and carry on much the same everywhare else, but not for you guys.

All this will do is cripple your Industry and economy instead of helping it.


I've scrolled a few pages, and no-one seems to have mentioned the enormous scope for abuse and corporate savbotage this would also offer.

Any individual or company would then have a clean slate to sabotage and tank their competitors, fairly or unfairly, by making an accusation and taking thwm down. The timeframe, plus fear of lawsuits, might lead to sites being taken down before, or even without, proper investigation first.
How the hell is this good for business?

-An unstable marketplace, where a business' work can be disappeared at any moment, or be "sabotaged" by their resentful/lazy competitors.

Also goes against the concept of "Market". Instead of competing, it becomes easier to frame or sink the competition. Watch Corporate sabotage rise, consumer choice disappear, and Monopolies blossom.

/rant. Sorry. My commiserations with all my US friends if this ridiculous law is passed in its current format. Your business will be crippled, not helped.
to recoup their lost revenues by not getting with the 21st century.
They will never recoup those losses. If you (the general you) would be losing your income because others are copying your work, you (again the general you) would also be trying to stop it from happening again.

And getting, or not getting, with the 21st century does not mean that someone else has the right to steal from you. (should I say it again - the general you), and has nothing whatsover to do with protecting someones intellectual property.
Getting with the 21st century means dump the disks and go online streaming. WHY ARE THEY FIGHTING THE STREAMING????? HALF THE DAMN COUNTRY HAS NETFLIX or some other monthly TV movie viewing service. If they want to stop piracy they need to seriously look at their pricing structures and HOW they are delivering content. And instead of making DVD new releases 20 dollars for regular and 30 for blu ray, dump the disks. Do you know how much money they would save if they did that? Do you know how much increased revenue they would gain if you could pay 5 bucks to stream a movie on your couch while it's in the movie theater?
This is what i meant by that comment. The entertainment industry is OVERLY protecting its content and by doing so encouraging piracy. Which is their choice. Make it cheap and easily accessible and people will pay. I'd pay major movie studios or record companies a monthly fee for access to all the music and all the movies I want. So would many others. That is the definition of getting with the 21st century.
The Movie industry is under some sort of deluded viewpoint that people will continue to wait for their content to become available on the services they pay for... Its not happening. They need to LOOSEN the reigns not tighten them. Its coming though one day you will just pay some money to watch a new movie on your couch. Hopefully in the next 10 years.
That may be because no one has stolen any of your ideas and creations....
No, I have had my ideas stolen... some of them on a regular basis. Also, without compensation.
However, I move on to the next. Keeps the old juices flowing :-)
As far as "I would love to ever have created something that would move someone to imitate it." I mean it for motivation. Get them going on something as a result of something they liked that I made. If it benefits them, then that's my contribution to someone, let them be blessed.
And Lord willing I will still have something to do someday that will then continue to bless me.
Mature enough people (I don't mean old like me, just mean as in intellectually mature...) know to appreciate uniqueness and originality. Let them choose what they want and where they want it from. Appreciation is also in the eye of the beholder, so let us not loose our freedom of choosing where or who I want to get something from, same as where or who I'd like to reach with what I'd create.
Being that it used to bother me when I was younger, I do understand what it is to want your idea protected. But this is not about the protection of ideas or creations. It is written to disguise it as if.
As Lisa says: read the bill. Although even that it is written to make you believe what it is not.
We are not utilities.... I think it'd be wonderful if we had a choice of water companies, cable, electricity.... yet... all monopolized .....

And honestly lets not forget who is sponsoring this bill. Its the entertainment industry. It's not Joe Schmoe artist. Its also cable companies, which are the first ones to get dumped in a bad economy. What the entertainment industry is realizing is that people aren't going to pay to see crap movies. They aren't going to buy crap records. They aren't going to pay for cable when they can watch some of the same content online. Pricing structures are the real issue. It's no coincidence that this coincides with the worst economy in the last 30 years and slumping music, video and dvd sales.

So instead of fixing their business models LETS JUST BREAK THE INTERNET! Problem solved.

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