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Protect IPA/SOPA Act could affect artists and their use of the internet for creative purposes

I usually hate politics and refuse to get involved but this bill that's being proposed really kind of gets to me. As other artists who utilize the internet for creative purposes I think you will all be interested to watch the video explaining it, read up on it, and to take action against it if you disagree, and I think most of you will:


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We just posted on Etsy with our opposition to PIPA/SOPA, and what you can do to help: www.etsy.com/protect-innovation

Thanks for caring about this, and we'll keep you up-to-date on what we're doing against it!

Hi everyone,

I just posted to the Etsy News blog with an update on this legislation, and what you can do to help defeat it:


I realize that it's a very busy time for everyone, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew where Etsy stands!
Hi everyone,

We're going to make our opposition to the legislation clear tomorrow, because the fight against it isn't over. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is planning to proceed with a vote on PIPA in the Senate on January 24. We think it's important to make sure lawmakers understand Etsy's continuing opposition to the legislation, so we are going to join companies like Google and Wikipedia in protest by putting a message on our home page tomorrow. We know that many Etsy sellers depend on Etsy for their livelihoods so we are limiting the protest to the home page because we don't want to disrupt buying and selling on Etsy, but this is too important for us to remain silent.

I will also be joining a large group of Etsy employees and concerned members of the local community here in NYC to protest outside the offices of Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (both supporters of the bills). I’m confident that we can defeat this legislation and wanted to let the community know we are taking action.
18 Senators withdrew their support of PIPA yesterday due to your loud voices:


Thanks, everybody. It's not over yet, but that's real progress!

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:45 am Nov 17, 2011 EST
Big Brother really will be watching us.
Yup, pretty much.
big brother has always been watching us. so has his parents, siblings, cousins and all his friends.
this is expected to pass :(
Eh, true. But I still think it's important to speak out if you don't like what the government is proposing, whether it does any good or not. (in reply to Jean)

That really sucks that it's looking like they're going to pass it, personally. :-/
Please explain -

the way I read it, it sounds like if an internet site uses copyrighted property for business purposes without permission, they will be liable for copyright infringement, just the same as any individual or corporation that does the same currently does.

If I am reading it correctly, that should make companies like Etsy pay serious attention to individuals using copyrighted material incorrectly on the site.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:51 am Nov 17, 2011 EST
The internet, was not censored I don't want it censored. It's a dangerous precedent and it is way too authoritative. We're talking about blocking your IP address COMPLETELY. Its great for copy right infringers to get shut down. But um what about facebook? What about twitter? what about ETSY which has a lot of copy right infringing items thrust upon this site daily. The current terms of that bill will allow them to block sites with copyright infringement... food for thought.
How about they pass a bill to cut the defecit, instead of trying to deflect the issues

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