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Protect IPA/SOPA Act could affect artists and their use of the internet for creative purposes

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Sopa is dead. Next up is PIPA. I dont know anything about pipa but it sounds very similar.
I do not believe SOPA is dead. Far from it. It will be camouflaged as something else if it's not continually fought.

Same with PIPA.

Will Etsy join the blackout?

Considering how vulnerable Etsy would be if either of these measures pass, I would expect it.
Chad Dickerson avatar Admin
Hi everyone,

We're going to make our opposition to the legislation clear tomorrow, because the fight against it isn't over. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is planning to proceed with a vote on PIPA in the Senate on January 24. We think it's important to make sure lawmakers understand Etsy's continuing opposition to the legislation, so we are going to join companies like Google and Wikipedia in protest by putting a message on our home page tomorrow. We know that many Etsy sellers depend on Etsy for their livelihoods so we are limiting the protest to the home page because we don't want to disrupt buying and selling on Etsy, but this is too important for us to remain silent.

I will also be joining a large group of Etsy employees and concerned members of the local community here in NYC to protest outside the offices of Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (both supporters of the bills). I’m confident that we can defeat this legislation and wanted to let the community know we are taking action.
Thanks, Chad, for the update.

People who think SOPA and PIPA are benign and that they should support it "for artists" should read up a bit on, first, the proposed laws themselves, and, second, copyright law as it stands already, and, third, our already grossly undermined Constitution. And as for the smoke screen currently being wheeled out to scare Americans, the "oh noes, hardworking television PAs will lose their jobs if you don't pass this", or "this is just to target Big Bad Foreign websites that are wholly dedicated to PIRACY", well-- that horse won't run. Again, if you actually read the proposals.

We've got the laws already, and this won't stop the Big Bad Dedicated sites anyhow. This will just kill Etsy, and Facebook, and Tumblr, and Wikipedia, etc. This will just put the internet as we know it now even further into the hands of corporations who don't deserve to control what is, actually, radical thought I know, but rightfully OURS. Yeah, that's right, I claim a right to use the internet freely. So I hope this gets killed off but good.
Thank you Chad, I appreciate your efforts AND I appreciate that you remember this is a place of business that many of us depend upon.
cool beans, etsy
What Piro said.
Thank you Chad.

Yay Etsy!
Thanks Chad we will be watching the TV coverage...wave to us..:-)
(if you aren't freezing to death in the Big Apple..) LOL
better you than me..
and what about photos on Kodak gallery, etc...??

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