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Protect IPA/SOPA Act could affect artists and their use of the internet for creative purposes

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go here to sign the petition:
Thank you, Etsy for taking a public stand.
This is what I wrote in the e-mail to my representatives when signing the petition. Link to petition is below.


"I ask you, in the name of all that America stands for, to stop this bill from being passed. That the government and a few corporations should have the ability to censure is totally un-American.

Corporations need to recuse themselves from any participation of censoring other businesses. Corporations are for profit and would use this bill/tool to hinder the profitability of 'rival' business entities. This should be a no-brainer to any thinking person.

Governments have no business in the running of internet enterprises other than to set standards that are used to self-police within that enterprise. Less government, not more, has been the battle cry for decades of politicians and the people they represent. It's now time to walk your talk and prove yourselves to be truth speakers not just shills of big corporations.

Thank you for doing the hard job of listening to your hearts, not your wallets."

My senators keep hearing from me. When I write them I do tell them I sell on Etsy and why I am against this bill. Also, received a petition from Bold Progressive and signed it.

Bold Progressive is also offering some html code to blackout your website and join the online protest.


I'm not that knowledgable about the proposed legislation, but it seems to me it is about copyrights not censorship?
Not sure if this has been mentioned but there is also this this petition - this site is very good for causes and I've signed several of the petitions here and have never had a problem with getting spam, etc. after the fact. www.change.org/petitions/tell-electronic-arts-to-oppose-internet-ce...
See the Etsy home page now -- our message is up. Thanks for everyone's support!
Thank you!
thumbs up, Etsy!
Will this prevent, as an example, someone who wants to make and sell handmade crocheted "Mickey Mouse" potholders, or am I misunderstanding how it will effect us?

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