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Protect IPA/SOPA Act could affect artists and their use of the internet for creative purposes

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Thankyou Etsy for speaking up! Now we all need to.Many calls and letters do make a difference.
We just posted on Etsy with our opposition to PIPA/SOPA, and what you can do to help: www.etsy.com/protect-innovation

Thanks for caring about this, and we'll keep you up-to-date on what we're doing against it!

Thanks for chiming in Chad!
*off to read*
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:17pm Nov 23, 2011 EST
Why is it that when something starts working well that the government has to infringe. I see a pattern.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:28pm Nov 23, 2011 EST
I don't understand what the problem is. If you aren't stealing or helping to steal than it doesn't affect you. And it's not like etsy is doing anything at all to stop or limit intellectual theft on its site so it's hard for etsy to argue that existing laws are perfect.

That said, should not congress be focused on creating jobs? This is not how jobs are created.
The concern is that the legislation as proposed could mean that a single shop infringing copyright could cause all 800,000+ Etsy shop owners and the site itself to loose their ability to do business! It's quite shocking to me that I could loose a business, which is strictly things I make (from my own imagination) and not even US-based, due to actions of an unrelated business person. The legislation is indeed over-reaching!

I found this an interesting Etsy-specific explanation:

I'm glad Etsy is taking a stand, alongside some large and influential corporations and I how they are heard and understood.
Hi everyone,

I just posted to the Etsy News blog with an update on this legislation, and what you can do to help defeat it:


I realize that it's a very busy time for everyone, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew where Etsy stands!
marking to read, ty
not happy with this.

but it is another attempt of government to stick its nose into my business...in real life and in real business.

I 'get' that infringing is bad. I rant on it whenever possible.

I also 'get' the idea that some folks won't be happy until everyone is getting a government check and eating government cheese. I'm a libertarian (if you did not already know) and stand with letting the market do what it should. Spend within your means (biz and personal) and stop 'buying' votes with pork.

unfortunately, our Congress believes it is above the laws (which is why most laws they pass do not apply to them...like health rules and such). I'd be happy to throw them all out and send folks invitations in the mail to be in Congress for a term or two.

But that's just me (LOL).
Gretchenfrom SkyLineJewelry says

If people don't start paying attention to politics and start speaking up, I believe there will come a day when we will all wake up to a new reality that we can't change.

I think we have become so distracted and so busy taking care of day to day life that we are letting many of our rights be taken away from us right before our eyes and we, as a people in general, are not even seeing it happen.
I agree completely! And there are FAR too many of us that just turn a blind eye and then will be crying when that new reality that they wake up to can't be changed!! Shame on us!!!!

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