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How to get more positive feedback?

My shop is new to Etsy so I don't have tons of feedback from my customers.

What are some things you do to get your customers to leave you good feedback?

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Have wonderful customer service. For example, answer any convos or emails asap. Obviously, provide a great product...and followup with the buyer once they should have received the item. Make sure they got it, ask them how they liked it. I like to send a thank you note design that I created as an attachment to the last message I send to a buyer. It lets them know that you appreciate their business and would love them to return. It will also promote them to leave feedback. However, don't expect everyone to leave you feedback. Some buyers just forget or are not familiar with how feedback works on etsy.
Threaten them with a knife.
I agree with 4four

No not really.
Just check up on them and ask for it! Nothing simpler right?

We used to send a follow up convo after we shipped with the tracking # and asking if everything went well, to leave feedback.
After a while we didn't have to ask anymore and people would volunteer feedback- through etsy or sometimes by sending an email directly to us.

We also include a little note in all our packages urging them to contact us if anything went wrong so we can make it right- and otherwise to just enjoy the gift.

Never underestimate the power of asking :)
Sara from kittybblove says

I agree with 4four

would you like to join my Etsy militia?


Sara from kittybblove says

Never underestimate the power of asking :)


Except that what you're asking is technically against Etsy's TOU. Personally I feel that if you always play by the rules you never get ahead in life, but I'm just making you aware that you are flagrantly breaking the rules. And by Etsy forum standards you're likely in line for a flogging.
never ask -- it's a huge turn off!

start shoppin' your numbers will climb right up
Never ask for feedback, you never know what they might give you!
Okay naysayers- check out our feedback- 99% of that is from paying customers.

And as always, be aware of your delivery. It isn't a turn off if you do it the right way... though we're in the children gift industry so that may lead to a different kind of customer.

Seriously, I think we have most enthusiastic and gracious customers there could be.


4four- im not aware of these rules you speak of... reference?
I wouldn't send out convos asking for feedback. Personally I find that off putting. How about writing a little note along with your orders, something like... I hope you are happy with your order! If you have a spare minute, please consider leaving me feedback on etsy. Something along those lines?

Mira from HandmadeWithLoveByMM

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4:55pm Nov 22, 2011 EST
I am not new to etsy but my shop is, however I already had seven sales. Therefore, for the record I do not have that much experience but I can still share it with you.
All of my customers left feedback and as soon as they received the package, all feedbacks were perfect. As soon as I get notification from etsy about the sale, I email the customer to thank them and tell them that I will mail the package the next day. In the same letter I ask them to let me know when they receive the items and to come back to my shop to leave a feedback. I have not received a negative reaction to this, quite contrary. Everybody is very excited about the purchase and they seem to appreciate the fact that I contact them right away to let them know what is going on. I always send a package the next day and email them again to tell them that it is on its way.

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