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Ebay vs Artfire vs Amazon vs Etsy

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:17 pm Nov 29, 2011 EST
How do fees compare?

All this talk of shops closing down has me a bit panicked. I have never done anything wrong in my shop- but if I did accidentally do something that would warrant getting shut down, I would want to know how to fix it and be given a chance to do so before it were to get shut down. I am not saying that people aren't contacted. "How do we know they weren't contacted?" has been a reply from some today. "But how do we know know they were contacted?" is just as valid of a statement. And I for one, want to be prepared in case I need to find a new home for my goodies.

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Contacted for what? Im missing something.
confused by your title, how does that pertain to your actual question?
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:24 pm Nov 29, 2011 EST

havn't been here all day, so have no clue what your talking about,

but ebay is called feebay for a reason

artfire is a flat rate a month, but like every other site I've seen, that flat rate is because they have no traffic and can get more overall by charging a flat rate.

Amazon: $1 a item, or $40 a month plus some more fees, but I can't remember the whole thing. I do remember that if you do $1 a listing, you cannot ad new products to amazon, only products already on there.
You might want to check if you can sell those Hello Kitty hats?
I've tried artfire and ebay...artfire had no traffic, they charge by the month not by the item and ebay for all the traffic I know they have did not generate many views, but ebay does let you list 50 items for free and only charges you if you sell but the final value fee the charge is 9%. Never done amazon but have tried zibbet and there isn't much traffic and have not made a sale in the 5 months I've been there, they allow 50 free listings...no charge even if they sell and if you want a pro account it is by the month.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:59 pm Nov 29, 2011 EST
Susan- I asked how the fees compare...
I don't know specifics about Amazon, but heard it is high to list.
However, Artfire, as was stated is a per month fee of $11.95. There is no back end fee at the time an item sells. My math says that = $ 47.90 for 4 months.
On Etsy, if you spend that much, $ 47.90, you can list 240 items for 4 months. However, if you sell anything on Etsy during that time, you have to pay an additional 3.5% of the cost of the item.
After being established on Etsy for 2 years, I have been paying approx. 10% of my sales each month in listing fees and back end fees to keep the shop going. I only relist when an item is sold and I have a duplicate replacement, or it expires.
I just set up on Artfire in June and have been adding items, sales are increasing. I still have less items on Artfire than Etsy. Here are my stats on % based on $ 11.95 per month. ( Although right now I am paying $ 8.35 per month because of their Early Bird special in October. I opened in June with a free basic for 2 weeks, upgraded to Pro, got a 30 day free trail, then paid regular $ 9.95 for July, Aug, and Sept, got the special locked in in October for $ 8.35 for a year.)
Sept. 15.4%
Oct. 4.5%
Nov ( so far) 3.3%
This gives a 3 month average of 7.7%

It is my understanding that E Bay is 9%.
So , I am sure that all sites have done some cost analysis and basically it all ends up that it costs the same to list on all sites, it is just figured differently. Kind of like a smoke and mirrors thing.
Hope this helps.
I sell pretty well on ebay and I don't find their fees to be much higher than etsy
It looks, by my figures, that I would be paying less on E Bay than Etsy. I have a sellers account there, but have never tried selling , yet.
But, if you have a lower number of items in your shop, Etsy would be a better deal than Artfire, because of Artfire's flat monthly fee.
It depends on your business , which one would be best for you.

After all of the hoopla about the closing shops, I figured it would be best to spread my things around.

Also, on Artfire, my items are automatically submitted to Google Shop and I am not Syndicated here on Etsy for that to happen here.
You just have to research and do what is best for your shop.

I wounder if Etsy realizes that the atmosphere that has developed over the shop closing issues is driving shop owners to other venues? Or at least to have dual shops, one here, one or two somewhere else.
They may find they need to rethink their approach to the shop closing issues with better communication before taking action.

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