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Feedback wanted: Scrollsy.com - The fastest way to browse Etsy

Hi Etsians,

During the last 2 months I coded you www.Scrollsy.com

Some examples you should check:
Regular search: www.scrollsy.com/#s=nyan%20cat
Treasury listings: www.scrollsy.com/#l=treasury
Shop: www.scrollsy.com/#un=machelspencePHOTO
Color search: www.scrollsy.com/#c=art&color=0AB6FF

I would love to have some feedback:
What should I change?
What features do you miss?
What is not clear enough?
Does it work on your mobile devices?

Hope you like it!


10 Responses

Nice website! I found it a bit slow to load on my computer though =\ maybe it is time to upgrade!
@Michelle: Could be a bit slow on some computers, if you didn't already try to use Google Chrome it's way more faster compared to other browsers.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:07am Jan 13, 2012 EST
I really like it. Is there a certain order for it, though? Like.. is it based on newest listings?
I don't know how the listings get on there. Do you join the site and list? Make treasuries on the site? or is everything just transferred from Etsy to that site.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:16am Jan 13, 2012 EST
Jonathan Bouman.... where did you GOooo.....

*looks around*
Jonathan, the light box does not work on ipad.
is there a text search box ?
Sorry for the delay, after Scrollsy went viral a flood of mails came in.

- It's sorted on newest first (except if color search is on, in that case most accurate first)
- Everything you publish on Etsy will be visible through Scrollsy, so no need to 'republish' stuff on scrollsy.
- Lightbox doesn't work on iPad? Mmm last time I checked it worked well, did you use safari? Is it still bugging if you reload the page?
- There's a searchbox in the top left

Keep the feedback coming!
Oohhhhh! It's like Pinterest for Etsy!

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