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SOPA - who's staying Open?

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You don't have to "go dark" to protest! You can add this little censorship bar to your banner if you want to participate! I'm not closing my shop, I just added this little banner in order to let our customers know that Etsy can't be the same if SOPA does happen.

link to the censorship bar:


check out my shop to see how it looks! :)
Jennifer from WhatsMyFuture says
SOPA is no where near the voting part of Congress. And even if it were, there is a House bill and a Senate bill. IF both passed, there'd be a conference committee to merge the two bills before ever going to the President.

There are good parts and terrible parts of SOPA. Citizens SHOULD participate by reading bills and communicating with Congress. But we should also remember the entire process of a bill is a long road. Paying attention to each step and staying current with what language changes is better, in my opinion, than any other form of activism.

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:02pm Jan 17, 2012 EST edited
Plus you could always email customers with open order to explain what is going on.

A good idea in theory....but why would I want to drag my customers into a seller-oriented movement? Yes, it can affect them as well, but it's kind of like shoving something down their throats and forcing them to look at links, read up about it, etc. Like I said before, most customers (I gather) would rather just buy their stuff, and if they can't buy it with you (general you) then they move on to the other seller.
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:07pm Jan 17, 2012 EST
In all honesty---more of me is "for" the SOPA bill, I think. Maybe that skewes my view of things.
KreatedbyKarina from KreatedbyKarina says

drumchick99 from DrumChickDesigns says
Exactly escapepod. Seems like some people think that people blacking out their shop are protesting piracy, but they are really protesting a bill that is made to stop it, but will also shut down many websites that we use, including etsy. So do you want to close for a day and help other understand the impact, and lose a few sales, or do you want to do nothing and HOPE that it doesn't pass, but if it does, lose your etsy shop and make no more sales forever?

I get what you're saying...just wanted to say that even if I did lose my Etsy shop, it wouldn't stop me from making no more sales forever---I think a lot of people don't use online as their sole means of crafting income.

Closing my shop for one day isn't just about missing out on potential sales for me...I don't want to lose communication with my customers who think they can't still convo me, I don't want people who have open custom orders with me thinking "uh...she just closed her business!!!" not knowing or caring anything about SOPA or any sort of internet movement, and I don't want my regular buyers to be inconvenienced by my shop being "dead" for the day.
This is exactly why I am not closing. I have open orders too and Ive been selling a LOT of Valentines Day stuff this week, so I am not losing money!
Everything is on clearance in my shop right now as I desperately need money. If I was to shut down for the day then I would be losing potential customers. While I support the notion, I do not feel that me shutting down my shop for the day will have as much impact as other sites who will be shutting down.
Got my banner up, will be remaining open. If I am closed no one will notice the banner
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:37pm Jan 17, 2012 EST
I'll be open. The house already turned down the bill from what I've read. It's not going to make it and my shop being open or closed for one day isn't going to have the slightest affect on congress' decision.
staying open..
Perfectly said, Jennifer!

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