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Shipping Supplies Cheaper than Uline

Hello! I just wanted to share this website. A few months ago when I started getting more sales I did a massive research on shipping supplies. I found GBE packaging and found that their prices are the best I have found. I have now ordered from them 3 times in bulk. Their boxes are nice and sturdy and I got my shipment in 3 days. I just wanted to share in case there is someone looking to save on shipping supplies.

Good night everyone!


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Thanks for posting ~ I can use all the help I can get. The only one I have found was Uline.
Thanks again!
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:24 pm Jun 3, 2013 EDT
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Great tip! Did you do your price comparisons including shipping costs?

I've found that when I order ink or paper, I can't just go with the cheapest price online because their shipping usually ends up higher so I'm better off going with a company that's slightly more expensive but has lower shipping.
I just did a quick check. For me, it was going to be $25 more through this company than through Staples to order just two difference cases of boxes/tubes because of the shipping. I get free shipping through Staples. I have yet to find a place cheaper because of that. But I always check just to see.
You may want to check out some shipping companies through Ebay, looking at the Kraft bubble mailers, the company you listed is much more than my one on Ebay.

$36 for 500 4x8 mailers:
That's a great price. Thanks for sharing the info. Michelle. Just ordered them. :)
The shipping is about the same as ULINE. They shipped me 100 boxes 17x13x3 at 22 dollars for UPS. I think that is a good price.

100 boxes=$40

I think it's worth it
Those are good prices thanks! I don't buy bubble mailers there though so I can't say on their prices. I buy boxes and found them cheaper than ULINE. Thank though, going to check them out when I stock up on bubble mailers.
here is a tip

If you have any companies that make manufactured boxes, they always make extras on an order and will sell them cheap if they didn't need them. I used to get great boxes at the company we had here and they always had different sizes. Unfortunately the closed. : (

I can't remember what the name of the place was that I knew they made boxes, maybe something like shipping containers or something, and just went in once to see what it would cost to place an order, then they told me about the extras.
I am browsing through both websites and it looks like in boxes GBE is cheaper by 2- 25 cents in most boxes. They are also #200. Its a good alternative for those who use boxes for shipping.
I am lucky that Uline is local.
Thanks for posting. I need to check out some shipping boxes.

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