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What do you think of Etsy going public?

Will expanding the marketplace help your store, do you think?
More and bigger resellers to keep the stock rising?

An IPO Could Put Etsy Idealism in Jeopardy

"Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson said last week he wants to take Etsy public, though he is not in a hurry to do so."

"Are there lessons Etsy could learn from studying eBay's history? Omidyar created eBay to empower individuals, yet now the company is targeting large enterprises and favoring big businesses. If Etsy follows in eBay's footsteps and becomes a public company, will it be able to retain its "handmade ethos"?"

Do you think it will become an Etsy-bay?

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As long as the focus remains on handmade, no.

I think the vintage and supplies section would be hit pretty hard though.
I think we are in for some new changes here, but nothing to do with Etsy possibly going public. I don't think it will be like Ebay because it is always stupid to be a copy cat. I am looking forward to seeing what new changes are in store. It is time for some major tweaking.
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what do you mean by "going public". Anyone can set up a shop here, and anyone can view our shops, so isn't it already public?
I think Etsy has a long way to go before any IPO is introduced.

But unless Etsy provides some ROI for the venture capitalists who have already invested, it might be the "writing on the wall", so to speak.
Going Public means becoming a publicly traded business. Someone correct me here but I'm pretty sure that's it
I read that article and I thought he was saying that there are no plans to go public any time in the near future and they are looking to go a different route.
Certainly the stock market is not an appealing place at the moment.
JD you are right... It allows the public to invest in Etsy

I think it will help exposure because even though all of us Etsians are in touch, there are SO many people out there who are unaware that we even exist. I tell people all the time that I have an Etsy business, and "deer in headlight eyes" are quite common.
It ruined eBay, so I would hate to see etsy go public, answering to investors could jeopardize everything. I would assume rates would go up on shops.
not sure what to think

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