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Best Epson Printer for Cardstock

I have narrowed down my search to getting an Epson printer, but now I am confused as to which one will best suite my needs.

I am looking to do most of my printing on cardstock, not as much photos. I would like one to have a scanner, and well my budget is not huge up to around $300.

So, which Epson do you recommend? I feel like I have been going in circles in researching all of this.


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I know this is my 2nd post about printers, but all of your input really helps. I absolutely hate my current printer and do not want to make the same mistake twice :)
Anyone out there to help...please :)
What's the largest size you expect to print? Because any one of Epson's ultrachrome pigment ink printers will produce great prints.
Nothing larger then standard letter size or A2 - A4 card sizes.
Have you considered a Canon printer? I use Canon printers and they are absolutely wonderful. They make very solid prints, very fast with even the cheapest and most basic model. Also, the ink doesn't run and I had that problem with Epson.

One other plus with Canon that isn't true with Epson is that you don't have to buy all the colors separately if you don't want to when you have to replace your ink cartridge. When I had to replace my Epson's cartridges, the cost was astronomical and way higher than replacing my Canon's because with Epson you have to replace each color separately, and with Canon you can get just the black and the combo color cartridge. Epson's also drink ink, at least for how I use them.
I have an Epson Stylus Photo PX650. It's an all-in-one, so comes with a scanner. I've had excellent feedback on the quality of my cards. I'm very happy with this printer.
I've never had ink run with any of the epson printers I've owned. Anyway, you have to decide how high quality prints you want to make. If you want to produce very high quality prints in the size you indicated, you could go with the Epson R2000. Sure, the ink is expensive, but the results are incredible. Just price accordingly.
I had an NX-300 when I had my Epson, to be fair.
I also posted in the forums regarding this very same topic. No replies. But I went ahead anyway and bought an Epson Artisan 730, after doing some extended research. It was on sale at Office Max for $129, down from $199. The print quality is great! Bright, vivid colors, no smearing or bleeding. I am very impressed. BUT I am having a hard time figuring out how to print on the size cardstock I am using. The good thing is, it uses pigment dye, which I read is the best for cardstock/photo printing. Good luck!

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