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Lost packages

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Inactive Etsy Member 2:06 pm Feb 21, 2012 EST
Hi guys,

I sent out a package on the 6th of this month and it still hasn't arrived for the buyer. Of course I wasn't thinking and didn't get delivery confirmation....

I'm wondering how you've all handled similar situations. Do you think the post office will be able to help? Last thing I want is an unhappy buyer!!



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The US PO doesn't consider it even possibly lost until 21 days after shipping. At that point you can have them try to find it. I offer refund/replace after 30 days for domestic orders.
Hi Jen
How did you sort this problem out? I made my first sale, sent it registered tracking number with signature to Australia but buyer has not received. On my end I can see that it has left Hong Kong but the shipping address she gave me was a company address... I think it's possible it could be lost in mail system there.
Any advice from anyone? It was a one of kind item and has been over 1 month. Do I offer refund? If so what happens if she does receive it in the end?
You always need to use tracking, especially since stuff like this happens.
Hope you can get that resolved soon, Jen.

Jane, didn't know about that 21 days... post office thing... thanks, I learn something new everytime I enter these forums...
Kristi, sorry about the issue you're having. Have you asked the buyer to check at her PO? Describe the parcel (size, color) to her and see if she can ask them to look for it. And, ask her to look around her office building and check to be sure it wasn't mis-delivered.

On the other hand, can you ask your PO how long HK to AUS usually takes? Some international pkgs can take a couple months.

I would decide on a time limit and then refund the buyer at that point. Ask her to please contact you if it arrives after refund so that you can re-invoice her (PayPal invoice) for the cost.
Jen, I'm in the same boat as you (see my thread below)! My post office has no excuses either.. we are a town of 900 and whenever I go in, I am the only one there and I see them scan the packages. :-O

Good luck to both of us!

Registered mail can take longer than average because it must be signed for every step of the way even at the receiving end. Could be it is just hung up in customs in Australia. Perhaps your customer can check with a local post office to see if they can help track. Registered packages does have some kind of automatic insurance I think.

I've shipped lots to Australia and have never had a lost package though the occasional delay/fluke is inevitable.

Jen, the post office won't be of much help without tracking or insurance but you can ask your customer to check with any neighbors, family members who might have received the package (it happens!) or the local post office in case it is sitting there. It's been about 2-1/2 weeks - pretty long for domestic shipping but, well, anything can happen at any time. I give packages 30 days before considering it lost and refunding.
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:35 pm Mar 25, 2012 EDT
Kristy - a month isn't very long, it often takes 3-6 weeks form items to arrive in the UK from Hong Kong and that's not taking into account a hold up because customs want some money. From our side the Royal Mail won't even look at missing packages we've sent until more or less 6 weeks have passed.

Just a thought but if you sent it by something that will be equated to EMS your buyer might be able to track it from their end. We don't get much info on the Royal Mail website but there is always a lot more on the USPS website for US bound packages.

If the buyer isn't chasing you, don't worry about it yet, they are probably used to the possible time scales.

I've just received something this week that was sent from Canada in November! No idea where it has been, but my guess is it was delivered to the wrong address and they've only just got round to passing it on to me.
Mail (from Europe) to Australia is generally accurate and fast. I have had mail arrive in 4/5 days no kidding" But the occasional delayed package can take 4 weeks. Australian customs are very pedantic and you have to allow for that.

Having said that I have never in 11 years have a "lost" package to Oz.

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