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Tophatter Question

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Inactive Etsy Member 6:45pm Feb 29, 2012 EST
I am going to have a set of 3 prints up for auction in about 17 hours but have heard that auctions are not very successful unless you attend the auction - 9amPT works out to be 3am where i am.
I really love the idea of tophatter to sell my prints - should i add to my lot description that i live in Australia and regettably can not attend the auction or leave it as is?

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Inactive Etsy Member 6:47pm Feb 29, 2012 EST
Is it an online auction? Sorry, not sure what tophatter is :)
If so, I'd go ahead and leave a note about not being able to attend- it can't hurt!
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:59pm Feb 29, 2012 EST
yes an online auction where buyers enter auction room to bid-kind of like a chat room too.
this is my first try so a newbie. thanks i think i will add a note to description
I have used Tophatter and for the last two items was not able to attend. They still sold for prices I was happy with so i'm not sure if it matters whether you're there. The main thing is to describe your item very clearly so that the buyers questions are already answered.
Good luck! I just had a look at the site - it's really cute :) Seems much friendlier than ebay somehow.
Hi, I sold items on their site. They charge 10% of the sold amount

Forget about trying to chat with them. Their is a very long delay or no response at all. I asked them repeatedly if you are too busy to chat, why in the heck don't you turn the chat feature off? When I send an email I may or may nor get a response.. I think they might be understaffed :)

They apologized and the same bad service. I recently wrote to them to cancel/delete my account.

I posted an auction that clearly said USA shipping. Well a buyer from Canada bought the items. The buyer was unfriendly and Tophatter didn't seem bothered like I was disturbing them. Sellers be prepared to offer 50% off and no less.

Won't do business again however that is my experience only
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:45am Mar 1, 2012 EST
I've had one item in an auction and have another one coming up this weekend. I loved it, and i got what i was looking for out of the item i was selling.
i had a horrible experience with a very weird buyer & tophatter did nothing to help..............I deleted all my items!
I have a web design listing going up for auction on the 2nd. It's great for a quick sale but don't get your hopes up for 100% of your retail price.

Personally, I like it, and admin were quick to respond in the chat box (when auctions are going on) and quite personable.

The fees are steep but, like I said, it's reasonable for a quick sale. I think it's best suited for shops needing to clear out old inventory or those with a larger profit margin, who can afford the cut.

Last, but not least, it's so much fun to watch (and bid)! I like it :D
My earring is going on Friday! Excited :-)

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