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Do you put Etsy listings out at craft shows?

Do you put the items you have for sale on Etsy out at craft shows?

I guess if a shop has a high number of sales you could run into a problem with an item selling both places, but since I get a whole 2 or 3 sales a month, I think I'd be okay.

What's your opinion?

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I did/do. I deactivated anything that was OOAK and reactivated it if it didn't sell.

the other option is if you have a smart phone you can deactivate a listing if something sells at the craft show.
Yes, but for us that's not a problem. We can make as many as we need of any design.
As long as you can fulfill your orders. I leave my bath & body shop open when I do craft fairs because I make my products in batches and never really run out of stuff. My shop is not that busy, so I feel comfortable leaving it open.
For some items yes, others no.

I often take a selection of totes, smaller accessories I now have off etsy only items that I take to shows or stock my local outlets. I also have more and different items that I offer at shows then on etsy.

Used to be when I did a show I would pretty much deactive my entire shop.

Though honestly it gets confusing, yesterday I realized an item in my shop sold at a show in December. So glad it did not sell here...though sometimes I do this and find it packed away in a box I did not get to.
My items are almost all OOAK. So far I've lived dangerously - my Etsy shop isn't all that busy. But this year I think I'll go into vacation mode while I'm at the show. It'll be awhile before I can afford a smart phone - would be nice.

Because all my items are looking for that one, perfect buyer, I take close to my entire inventory to a show.
I leave everything on Etsty (have a Huge fear of Vacation Mode) and just use my smart phone to deactivate if something sells. I do one of a kind, so it's pretty important to stay on top of things.....
For sure if it is a made to order or print situation. OOaK items I would probably deactivate while at the craftfair.
Yes, but I deactivate the items while I have them at the craft fair....then I reactivate what doesn't sell.
thanks for posting a useful question! My shops very new and i have a show coming up in a few weeks, i hadn't even thought about removing items that are t be taken to the fair, so thanks for making me consider it!

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