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Giveaway as way of promotion?

I am thinking of giving away one of my dolls... Those of you who had a giveaway, did it bring you a lot of new fans (sales)? What rules did you apply?
Thank you!

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I did my first giveaway last month on Facebook. The winner still hasn't claimed her prize!
And I only gained a handful of new FB fans. :(
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:09pm Mar 1, 2012 EST
I think it really depends on where you hold it. On a popular blog with a theme that fits your item well, sure, you're probably going to get some business from it. On you facebook page or twitter with only a few followers, probably not so much.
I don't think that give ways bring business to your shop, They rarely work...
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:21pm Mar 1, 2012 EST
I've done a few giveaways on my blog and through my own site and yes, they have brought me a few new customers.

But the key to running a giveaway is to make sure that its advertized well directly to your target audience!!
Thank you so much for all your answers. The items that you give away should be just made,or it may b something that I want to get rid of, one of my listings?
What is the best duration time?

Kim, I heard facebook giveaways are complicated because of many rules, what was your experience?
Thanks :))
I've seen business come my way with giveaways--just be sure to choose popular blogs/FB users that fit your target market. The giveaways themselves are pretty easy. I do a giveaway once a month to my fans, just because I like them, but I also join others' giveaways, too. I tend to giveaway items like my green eggs and ham set--it's very popular, gets people looking at my other items, and yet isn't often people's first choice when shopping in my shop. They tend to buy my breakfast foods for example, then in another buy they'll buy the green eggs & ham set.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:00am Mar 2, 2012 EST
I've not seen any sales, but lots more traffic.
Veronika, I didn't experience any problems. I actually posted the giveaway in my shop announcement and then again on my FB fan page. I posted here that if you "liked" my FB page, you were entered into the contest.

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