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Do you have insurance for your stock?

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No, I am not there yet.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:59am Mar 2, 2012 EST
lol, true story. We had winds in Tulsa last year that terrified me. I was literally in my bathroom tub with pillows and couch cushions surrounding me. 70+ mile winds left damage like tornadoes but no tornadoes. I took pictures of the damage, it was insane! Siding and entire portions of roof ripped off of houses, our privacy fence was pulled down and blown away, huge trees with 10'+ radius' completely uprooted, electrical poles snapped (yes I said snapped) in half or even tilted at a 45 degree angle. It was soooooo scary.

Yeah, if I was doubting getting insurance before, I totally talked myself out of the doubt...
yes, liability coverage is really important to have in our sue happy world.
i have state farm 'crafters' policy as there is serious underwriting for 'jewelry'.

since i use a torch AND sell items, if i didn't have biz insurance and i burned down my house, my state farm homeowners policy would be void! to top it off i live in a fire prone area so if my house caught fire, it would probably start a canyon wide fire.
Yes! It can be expensive but some companies like ours will give you a discount if you also have other policies with them such as life insurance or car insurance. Check around. You may find a deal like this.
all of my stock is insurred I have had the lovely experience of a home breakin in and a loss of over 10,000 in equip and supplies, I am now probably overinsured but at least I have piece of mind:-) check with you insurance a general home owners or renters will not cover your losses for your business!!

I use Farmers and they are awesome, mine was super cheap but we have homeowners, business, 4 vehicles, and 3 classic race cars all insured through them so we get a fab discount
so many people don't realize things like this are even needed, most people think if my house burned down everything in it is covered...but not your car!! if your car is in the garage and the house goes down your car is not covered and car insurance does not cover it either........you have to have a clause in your homeowners seperately to cover the car....crazy huh?? we just had a local guy here have his shop burn down with 2 100,000 dollar classics, total loss and the cars are not covered by homeowners and hes out....we immediately called and added our to the policy....can you imagine??
I have just enough coverage under my homeowner insurance--it's called "incidental business use", I believe. There was no extra cost.

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