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What Was You First Sale?

What was the first thing you ever sold on Etsy? Add a link if you can so we can see what all our first sales were!

This was mine (I caught the Etsy bug shortly after!) :)


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My fist sale was a print of an original collage showing a clothesline and a sweater made of willow catkin:


After 4 years I`m backon etsy and reopend my shop last week.
My first order was a custom order for two paintings...
Family Trees...
Vines w/ flowers w/ the family members names and words that are meaningful all sort of intertwined. They were wicked groovy.
The link to it wouldn't help...I used a Custom photo in the listing.
Mine was a destash item - an old Rowan knitting pattern book. If I remember correctly I completely underestimated the postage and ended making an outright loss on the sale - it's all a learning process ;0)

Oddly enough, even though this sale was back in Jan 2010 when I opened my shop, I've had at least 5 searches for exactly that pattern book in the last few weeks.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:50pm Mar 3, 2012 EST
What a fun thread.. it was fun to go back and look!

My first sale was a 12x12 premade (paper) winter theme scrapbook layout:

A pair of earrings!

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:53pm Mar 3, 2012 EST
My first sale was a Miss Piggy mug from England. I didn't research it before I listed it and sold it much lower than they sell for on ebay. The sale was about a week after I first started listing items for sale.

a 24x48 painting.
My first sale was a sewing pattern. I was so so excited! Well, I still get very very excited about sales, lol.

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