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Does selling artwork and photographs work?

I'm looking to sell art and photographs!
Anyone care to tell me how business is?

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There are over 1 MILLION art listings on Etsy, so be prepared to work HARD for your views and sales. It can be done though and some artists sell more than others. No two stories about sales here will be the same.

Just have fun doing what you love. ;)
I work in the yarn/crochet business and there are a ton of crochet listings too, so I feel for you. Hard work totally pays off though. It takes time to get started and every market is different.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:57am Mar 4, 2012 EST
jump in the waters :)
i thought about doing it too, i was just honestly worried it would ruin my enjoyment of photography.
I do pretty well in that area so yes, i think it does work!
Business is wonderful!

Etsy provides you with the storefront so if you are willing to market your work, you can be extremely successful.

But please don't depend on Etsy to do your marketing for you as it just won't happen.
Not one of the biggest sellers here, but I love it!

Good Luck with your shop!
It works - slowly. But it works. :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:16am Mar 4, 2012 EST
how successful you are depends on you and you alone, if you put in the effort then you can be successful here.
Remember that etsy is simply a tool, a place to put your items to sell-you are the one that needs to find the customers and direct them here to your store.
Well, it very much depends what you're selling, and how much work you can put in! There are artists here who sell very well, others not so much. You won't know til you try :)

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