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What`s Your shipping 'ritual'?

I bet there`s some important steps for everyone in their shipping habits :)

My most time consuming one is- over felting everything I send out :) - it could take forever, since I want to make sure everything is firm and strong and movable parts remain firm and strong (reasonably, ofcourse).

My favorite part is wrapping- choosing tissue paper and ribbon colors and sticker design :D

Hardest part is getting my shop-address (online) stamp correctly on my shop card It wants to be smudgy :P)

and the silliest part is being overly tape-friendly over the bubble envelope :D

* I bought a box of envelopes few months ago, thinking it`ll last me a life-time and I`m almost out- THAT is really surprising me (and making me all giggly and happy and excited :D)


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For me, it's tagging each item, bagging them in the bread bags i use to package them - I go for the 'handmade' look when I use clear bread bags (love them!). Then I put one of my business cards in the bag, tie a ribbon around the top of the bag, carefully place it in a bubble envelope, write the customers address on it before sealing it and put my return address label on it.
Jessie, Your hats are super adorbs! With the babies in them it`s irresistable :)

- and what are clear bread bags?
Jesse love your hats when are you opening again.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:43am Mar 4, 2012 EST edited
I start the shipping in the office by printing off paypal shipping labels for everything that has to go out the next morning, and match them to the already printed packing slips.

Then its down to the shipping area. Labels are sorted by 'type' of package. Soap dishes in one pile, yarns in another, mannequins in another.

The required number of Priority boxes are then pulled from the shelves and taped, and the soap dishes packaged and shipped.

Then its on to the yarns. I've got a fairly well organized yarn shop so its fairly easy to find the necessary pieces. Once everything has been collected, those packages all get wrapped and shipped.

Next are the handmade wearable pieces. These are all stored in special boxes and pre-wrapped in tissue so they are fairly easy to ship.

The last thing to be done are the mannequins. The boxes are pulled out and taped and the mannequins pulled from their shelves.

Each package gets a business card and a handwritten note.

Most nights I can get away with about 2 hours of time doing shipping as long as the dogs don't decide that they want to play.

Well, I have come to this age that after double checking, packing, bubble wrapping etc... I have to open the package again and start packing again because I can't remember for sure what I put in the package:))) (of course, the items where right from start, but I just couldn't be sure... like I have to double check if I closed the front door, look for my keys, etc...) LOL, almost fifty..
Marking for later reference
Here's my routine:

Receive Order
Renew items I still have more of
Enter order into Quickbooks.
Print a Sales Receipt to place in order (write short 'Thank You' note)
Place order on scale
Print shipping label from Quickbooks/Stamps.com
Place items in envelope/package
Place label on envelope/package
Add tape to seal it extra tight
Print Sales receipt for my records with ship date on it (Mark it shipped when I ship it and for future reference)
I print a thank you letter
Pick a small thank you gift
Wrap purchase ( don't forget to put in the two above)
Print label
Go to PO
After I receive an order, I convo the buyer to let them know when it will ship. Then I renew, if it is replenishable. Then, at my earliest convienence (usually in the morning after I get home from work) I get the package together, weigh it and print out the shipping label. I tape that to the box or envelope (even though the labels are sticky). And, then I put it in my mailbox for the postman to pick up. Domestic of course.

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