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I haven't sold anything yet. Any tips?

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:07am Mar 8, 2012 EST
Hello. I am feeling discouraged and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me. I know I only have three items in my shop, but I was wondering If I may be not doing something right?

Thankyou kindly.
Sarah Posh Trend

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:16am Mar 8, 2012 EST
You only have three listed items, the key to selling here is being very active with listing. I am working on it myself. I've only sold three items and I finally have 35 items in my shop. It takes time to build a business here. But before you ask this question I really think you need to list lots lots lots more.
I second what Linda said. Definitely work on getting more items in your shop. That usually helps. Also, you will need to work on your photo quality. The second listing in your shop is so dark, I can barely tell what it is. Taking photos can be very tricky, trust me. I've spent hours doing it and I still can't seem to get it right! There is a lot of great, free photo editing software available that will help with brightening photos. I prefer to use Gimp, but other people might have suggestions as well. Best of luck!!
Hang in there! I've only had 1 sale so I know how you feel! I'm sure others will have better advice but my advice is add more listings! And your pictures could do with some work. Some are dark, some blurry. Try taking them with lots of indirect sunlight. I have the best results (so far) by my big front window on a sunny day but after the sun stops shining in that window:) Only problem is I have to wait for the sun to shine! LoL
Definitely list more! Try more photos - up close, on a mannequin or person to give a better idea of size, and so on. I looked at your first listing, and you did have one photo of the strap. It looked like it was well made, but I couldn't be sure because it's blurry.

Try to learn more about relevance. It's not likely that someone would look for "for the love of shoes" so you are wasting your title opportunity. They would look for "pleated, pockets, magnetic closure, shoes, large (or med or small, whichever is appropriate)".
Your stuff seems cute, but when I'm buying I often stay away from shops with so few listings. Although it may not be "fair", I just often assume that someone with only a couple listings isn't a serious seller. I'm leery that maybe they don't know what they're doing on Etsy, etc.

I"d really suggest at least a full page of items before you even begin to worry about sales. You are just starting out. Build up your inventory. Good luck!
Having more items means more chance of getting found in searches, but having said that - I found that I sold much more when i only had 9 items! I've only just stocked up to 25 items and have sold nothing for the past two weeks. I think my items are just too alternative to be searches for!! So currently, i'm experimenting with new titles and tags that might get me a little more exposure. Maybe you can look into that?
Imagine going into a store at the mall that only had three items. Would you find it enticing?

Shopping is an emotional experience unless we're shopping for something totally practical. I feel it's important to treat *our shops* as creative products as much as we do the things we actually sell. The main part of all that is to have a full shop of products.

Work on your shop, on listing as many items as possible, photos, etc.
Oh, also be sure to correctly tag your items. The first purse I see is tagged as a possible diaper bag. I'm not sure anyone would use a purse that small as a diaper bag. I would think it's highly unlikely a buyer interested in a diaper bag would be interested in your purse, so in that case you are essentially wasting a tag that could be used for something else :-)
More items and better pictures. Cute bags!

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