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so...any sellers out there w/Asperger Syndrome/Autism?


*holds hand up*

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Not me, but I work in special ed and a lot of my students are on the spectrum.
No, but my brother has Asperger's. He's half my age and I've seen how it affects him and how others treat him because of his quirkiness.
My daughter is Autistic,
It looks like there are 2 teams:

Me! Glad I'm not alone... Although it wouldn't really bother me if I were.. a little Aspie humor ;)
yes, I have Aspergers; it is part of my mitochondrial disorder.

In addition to the teams weezieduzzit posted, there is also the Createability Team:
not as many of us there right now on the spectrum, but we do have sellers with children.
A few days ago I read a post from a gal and her son had just opened a shop of his art work. He is donating 36% of his proceeds* to AUTISM CHARITY/ORGANIZATIONS .

So, Cindy & Joseph - How does AS affect your craft? I have a family and find the balance really difficult. I'd be totally happy to sit and work 24 hours a day without speaking or eating. I've learned to cue myself with a timer so I avoid the hyperfocus trap.

I'm so glad to know there are others!
i dunno, really. the muse, it comes and goes. i don't have any control on it. apparently i'm into hearts. but i'm not exactly sure my heart's in it.

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