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Original Post

I am attempting to stay awake this morning!!!!

Posted at 7:49am Apr 27, 2012 EDT


I'm attempting not to kill anyone today.



Posted at 7:52am Apr 27, 2012 EDT

That mug us...invisible? I'm on my ipad and I can't zoom it.

Morning ladies.

Posted at 7:56am Apr 27, 2012 EDT

that is hilarious. thanks for sharing

Posted at 7:56am Apr 27, 2012 EDT

the mug was scanned on a flatbed scanner. the person says it is orange, lol

Posted at 7:57am Apr 27, 2012 EDT

So the husband and stepson were trying out for Renovation Realities last night. They were working on tearing down the same wall from 2 different sides and the husband clocked the stepson with a hammer (right on the outside edge of his eyebrow). I told the stepson I wanted his dad to knock some sense into him, but I didn't mean with a hammer.

Posted at 7:59am Apr 27, 2012 EDT

LMAO at the ghost mug. Why do people bother listing things like that??

Morning! I am trying to hold it all together today.

Posted at 8:04am Apr 27, 2012 EDT

Oh geez, I hope stepson is OK. That's kind of funny though.

Posted at 8:05am Apr 27, 2012 EDT

I knew you guys would enjoy that listing. :)

Bygone, I know I shouldn't cackle at that, but I kinda did.

Posted at 8:05am Apr 27, 2012 EDT