Louisville on Etsy Louisville Craft Listing. Anyone interested??

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Original Post


I am working for The Paper (we're very new). We are all about being local.

I posted a thread the other month about splitting an ad, and I had a little interest. We had a meeting today and came up with an idea of a craft listing in The Paper.

We're not for sure of the details, yet. We were thinking of a listing fee of around $20ish (via PayPal if you would like). We would just need enough interest to make it meaty enough to print.

Anyone interested in this?? Let me know what you think. Feedback would be appreciated.

I was really excited about it.

Thanks!! Shelia

Posted at 10:58pm Jan 9, 2012 EST


Would it be $20 a month or for a designated amount of time. I would be willing to try it out for at least a month.

Posted at 3:46pm Jan 10, 2012 EST

Hi Shelia!

I've read The Paper, and I really like the emphasis on the positive things people are doing here in Louisville's neighborhoods. To clarify some things on the Craft/Vintage/Supply listing, I have a couple questions for you:

1. The $20/month listing fee: what would it cover? Would it be per person or split among all artists? Would it be a "Louisville's Etsians" collaboration page or a separate page for each individual artist listings? Would you feature multiple items per listing?

2. What is the deadline for submission to be featured in the paper for the following month?

3. What information from artists would you require to be featured?

I'd love to help materialize this idea for The Paper. Hope to hear some other artists' input and questions too!


Posted at 3:53pm Jan 10, 2012 EST

Hi Allison. I'm not for sure about all the details.

The fee would be per listing. Some feedback had said it was too much for a listing. I was thinking about talking to the editor and either lowering that price or running it for more than one month at $20, which would create less work for us.

I think we were visualizing a simple (yet good-looking) listings page. Maybe with basic descriptions. I don't know if we have room to feature items. But...we could do a listing section and then on the same page do a small feature on an Etsian (or other online sellers from Louisville), which would have room for a photograph.

I don't know if we'll make Feb's deadline, which is around Jan. 23. Not for sure about what info would be needed.

Please add any suggestions about price, etc. I am gathering some info so we can make a decision.

Posted at 4:56pm Jan 10, 2012 EST

Allison did bring up some good points. If it's$20 a month, that would be a bit steep depending on the size of the ad. Though allowing for the ad to run for more than one month seems as though it would heighten the chance that seller would renew.

Posted at 9:07pm Jan 10, 2012 EST

I am interested to try it for a month as well.

Posted at 9:24am Jan 11, 2012 EST

I think its a great idea and as with most things the details will smooth themselves out as we go along. Lets try it out!

Posted at 1:48pm Jan 11, 2012 EST

Thanks everyone! I promise to get into touch with everyone. We had to find a new place to live...now that it's settled I will get back to work.

I'm going start an e-mail list....it's easier to get into contact with everyone.

You can convo me with your e-mail or send it to shelia@thelouisvilepaper.com. If you don't mind it on the forums, feel free to post here as well.

Posted at 6:38pm Jan 11, 2012 EST

Update: The editors are having a meeting soon, so I should be able to give you more details. I conveyed all the concerns about price, length of running time, and a possible feature. I'll post updates here and via an e-mail list, but probably not by convo bc it has to be done individually (I think).

Please send me you e-mail if interested. Thanks@

Posted at 6:10pm Jan 12, 2012 EST

I am interested as well so I look forward to hearing your update. Thank you!

Posted at 10:51pm Jan 16, 2012 EST

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