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Original Post

Okay I need some Team advice. My sewing machine is in rather bad shape and is at Austin's for possible (fingers crossed) repair. It is a Brother brand that I purchased at Wal-Mart (I know, I know) two years ago and I have since learned is not the quality I had hoped for. I am considering upgrading to a much better one from Austin's and I would like to hear what machines you guys use and what is recommended.

Posted at 4:58pm Feb 7, 2012 EST


I would like to know as well, though I'm just a beginner. hopefully someone will chime in here soon

Posted at 9:24pm Feb 9, 2012 EST

I heard from Austin's today and was told my machine was not worth fixing. So I burned out my Brother machine in 2 years. My previous machine was a Singer and I had that for 15 years, so clearly the Brother was not the best quality. I am going to Austin's this weekend and consult with the awesome people there. I should have gone there in the first place, but I was trying to save some money, so lesson learned.

Posted at 2:43pm Feb 10, 2012 EST

With sewing machines, you really do get what you pay for! I've got a Janome Threadbanger, which I love to pieces. It has a couple of minor quirks, usually revolving around the bobbin feed, but I know what they are and thus can fix the problem very quickly. Buying from Wal-Mart isn't a good idea generally, as some of the companies will make the machines sold there with more plastic (and thus breakable) parts to make the cost lower.

I'd be very careful and do a lot of research first before buying any new Singer brand though- quite a few of them are underpowered and unreliable, though the Singer Curvy and the Singer Confidence are both good machines. (I work at Joann's, the curvy is what they use for their sewing classes and do very well, and a number of other people I work with use the Confidence and like it very much.) Moore's Sewing Center is also a good place to check out, as the people there are very helpful and informative in helping to pick out a good machine.

If you do want a good reliable machine, you're looking at spending around 300. Also, cleaning out and oiling your machine on a regular basis as well will go a long way in making sure it stays in good working condition.

Hopefully that was helpful!

Posted at 1:26pm Feb 16, 2012 EST

Yea for christmas my bf got me a singer brilliance from target. It's okay because I am a beginner but I already tell I will have to trade up in the future.

Posted at 5:32pm Feb 17, 2012 EST

Thanks Leigh for the tips! I have probably seen you at JoAnn's since I am in there every other day it seems! If you see a lady with a little boy that won't stop hugging the velvet that's me!
I am leaning towards a Baby Lock or Janome. Many people have let me know the Singer brand has gone down in quality, so that's out. I had my Singer for 15 years and had regular maintenance done on it. I only upgraded to the Brother for the embroidery functions. Now I am spoiled so I want another machine with that. I am looking at spending $900 to get Baby Lock that has the same functions as my Brother. I am also considering a Janome HD3000 for heavy duty sewing. I found one on Amazon for $350. So both together is going to be my birthday and Christmas presents for the next couple of years!

Posted at 2:51pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

I have a Baby Lock and I love it! I actually got it after Christmas several years ago at the Singer store (off Preston Hwy, I think?) for a great deal and it's holding up well. The people there are awesome also if you'd like to shop around. (It's hard to find though.)

Posted at 10:59pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

In the end I went to Moore's Sewing on Preston and purchased a Janome machine. I ended up with a slightly used floor model at a discount. I am very happy with my machine and glad I looked around before buying.

Posted at 11:32am Mar 2, 2012 EST

Great, now back to making some of those lovely creations yor yours! lol

Posted at 7:47pm Mar 2, 2012 EST

I have had a Singer Simple for 8 years and it is awesome. I learned that the more frequently you replace your needles, the better the machine runs. I did get a new machine for Christmas that is fancier, but I haven't opened it yet!
Good luck with your Janome! Let us know how that goes!

Posted at 9:54pm Mar 13, 2012 EDT