Louisville on Etsy Shop just launched-give me your feedback

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Original Post

Hello everyone,

I just launched my shop-RosesandWine this week! I have had tons of views, but
no sales yet......


If you have some time please check out my shop and give me your feedback-good or bad!

I am giving all of my Etsy freinds a special discount-use coupon code EtsyTeam20 to get 20% off anything in my shop.


Posted at 12:41pm Feb 23, 2012 EST


I think the items in your shop are lovely! The pictures don't do them any justice. Perhaps making the background lighter wil display their great detail and quality. Welcome to the group!

Posted at 12:28pm Feb 24, 2012 EST

I like how you've arranged your products in your photos but the pictures could be brighter. You might try a lightbox, taking your photos outside on an overcast day, adjusting the white balance on your camera, or adjusting them in a Photoshop type program after you've taken them.

Posted at 5:54pm Feb 26, 2012 EST

Hi Stevanie,

I agree with the other 2 posts about lighting but also have a couple of other suggestions.

Many jewelry sellers on Etsy show their items modeled on either real people, mannequins or clothing hung on a hanger. This gives someone a really good idea of how the jewelry would look on and a better judgement on size and length. Take more varied photos - farther away showing the whole piece for perspective, close-up and being worn somehow.

I would also post the measurements of each piece in inches - how long is the necklace? How long do the earrings hang? Customers want to know this information.

On a different note, because Etsy works on postings - how many you make - if you have a small amount of items posted and then do not post for a long period of time, your listings get pushed older and later in searches and categories. If you can list more items, and on a regular basis, this may help get you views, which would hopefully help get you sales.

Hope this helps...you have cute items and there is no reason they should not be selling if you make some changes to your photos and posting frequency.

Best of luck,

Posted at 11:19am Mar 7, 2012 EST

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