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Original Post

CherryHue says

Hi Crafters!

I would love to get a whole buch of BCS crafters together for a craft fair. The internet is a great place to sell your items but nothing beats showing customers your products in real life. Does anyone know a good place to have a craft fair? I was thinking about asking a few businesses if we could rent a parking lot for a Saturday. If anyone has got any good ideas, let me know!

-Allison @ CherryHue

Posted at 5:06pm Feb 3, 2011 EST


The farmer's market meets every Saturday in Bryan. It is already established and people come. Just a thought....

Posted at 5:08pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

I'm too cold to think about something outside right now, but the Farmer's Market might not be a bad idea!

Posted at 5:09pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

CherryHue says

Last year when I sent an application they said they were not accepting any more non-produce vendors. I contacted them again to see if they are accepting applications again, but have yet to hear word.

Posted at 5:10pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

I'm with moms, I'm cold! But I'm interested!

Posted at 5:11pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

another thought...

Vendors set up at First Fridays across from The Village north of Mr. G's

Posted at 5:20pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

CherryHue says

I'll have to look into that. In Austin they have a pretty good craft fair on S. Congress. They set up in a parking lot and there are about 20-30 vendors. Its a pretty nice set up, I've been eyeing the parking lot on the corner of University and Texas (next to the hotel) I thought that would be a good spot for a local craft fair if I could contact the owners and see if I could rent it for a Saturday.

Posted at 5:39pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

I saw once something in the Shopping center, maybe something there... I am new at College station!!!

Posted at 6:39pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

What about the flea market a few miles down Hwy 6 towards Houston. I would love to jump on a wagon that's already rolling. We could really have a chance to improve what's there with our products and marketing.
Also, I am in favor of warmer weather!

Posted at 7:27pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

I've been selling at the farmers market for almost two years. I'm not sure if the board is accepting more non-produce vendors. When produce is in full swing, we've outgrown the location the market is currently at, and last summer the crafters were bumped back to not so great spots. Also, I do better at actual craft shows than at the market. It's a steady small trickle of income, but lots of people come just to get their produce.

I've helped plan two craft shows at Post Oak Mall and so far we're still figuring out the best way to get the word out about them. Neither has been the event I would have liked it to be. Some vendors did extremely well and others not as much. My craft-show-planning-partner is organizing another round of shows at the Mall for July and November. If you're interested in a booth, the website is She's working with the mall to get some better visual advertising this time and her booth fees are really reasonable for an inside show. She's not accepting any more jewelry vendors--there are enough returning from the previous shows that she won't be taking any new ones.

Does anyone know how to get a spot to setup at First Friday? I've done the Art Step a few times with the Farmers Market and it can be pretty good.

Posted at 8:42pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

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