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Original Post

MaroonDox says

This is a thread where you can post all of your pages to gain exposure. But the flip side is, you have to "like" and "follow" everyone else's if you want that to happen to you.

Enjoy College Station-ers!

My FB is

And twitter is

Posted at 11:38am Mar 8, 2011 EST


MaroonDox says

I'd like to see this thread come back to life. Three FBs above, so check 'em out, like 'em, and then post your FB, twitter, blog, w/e so we can like it too.

~Allie R

Posted at 7:29am Aug 10, 2011 EDT

Okay, I finally bit the bullet and created an FB page for my business. Check it out:

BIG Summer End Sale going on now in my Etsy shop!

Posted at 11:17am Aug 15, 2011 EDT

MaroonDox says

Love it!!

Posted at 1:01pm Aug 16, 2011 EDT

Hello! I know I'm new here but I just wanted to share our Twitter, FB, & Tumblr pages, feel free to follow us, we always love to chat with other vendors on Twitter!

Posted at 12:51pm Aug 22, 2011 EDT

Hi friends! I want in on this little love fest...

Posted at 12:15am Sep 22, 2011 EDT

Peace everyone! I've gone through and 'liked' some of the pages above - here is the link to my page ... click 'like' if you like it ... and if you don't - that's okay :-)


Posted at 11:56am Sep 23, 2011 EDT

Hey there ive added lots of you guys to my circle! Its nice to have a local group tean :)

Posted at 9:35am Oct 7, 2011 EDT