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Original Post

Sorry, no home to hide. Its a tag free for all.

Suggest some tags for the item the above poster has linked.
Link an item you would like help with picking tags for.

(Also check out the tag report on - . It is a great way to figure out which tags are really bringing you traffic. Clip some duds and pick up new ones here).

Posted at 11:22pm Feb 4, 2011 EST


I just need help tagging in must not be my forte!

Posted at 12:42pm Feb 6, 2011 EST

I would add a tag 'detailed' or 'intricate' on your tree of life pendant.

Maybe with the "love" pendant you could add beatles. I also really like the second picture against the bark. Maybe that should be your lead pic?

I could use help with all of my tags, but this one could use the most help.

Posted at 11:12am Feb 7, 2011 EST

Thankyou celtic, I will add both this evening. On your ring which is beautiful by the way...what if you added old world, lord of the rings, elven, fae, or fairy...? like I said maybe im not great at it lol I like my pics against the bark too, but i have had many tell me those are no good :(

Posted at 5:48pm Feb 7, 2011 EST

Those are some great ideas = ) We actually did a LOTR replica ring a while back but I don't want to put it up b/c we don't want legal action...

Posted at 6:42pm Feb 7, 2011 EST

I would love to see it sometime! I love LOTR

Posted at 8:14pm Feb 7, 2011 EST