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Original Post

I was wondering if I should close this team and we can just all join up with Fabulous Vintage Finds, if you all aren't already members o' that team?

Or if someone else thinks they could be captain and make this team a bit more valuable for it's members, that could be good too.

Just trying to simplify!!

Your input is appreciated!

Cap'n Sue

Posted at 4:18pm May 24, 2011 EDT


That might be sad for me. This team is my favorite, and I was thinking the posts were few and far between because everyone else was out scoring their latest find at their favorite thrift store.

How do I find/join Fabulous Vintage Sue?

Posted at 11:29pm May 25, 2011 EDT

Aww, that is nice to hear that you like this team!

I can keep it here....I just didn't is soooo slow and I always see my little avatar on the discussion threads when I want to see a variety of avatars!!

Click on Teams (in the area where you click on Handmade, etc) then type in fabu . After you have typed in should see fabulous vintage finds come up...if not, keep typing!

Posted at 3:50pm May 26, 2011 EDT

I'm going to check it out, but don't give up hope on this one.

Posted at 7:43pm May 26, 2011 EDT

Okay....guess I will let it stay as is....

If anyone has any kind suggestions of what they would like a captain of a team to do, please let me know!

Posted at 10:58am May 27, 2011 EDT

Oh no, close this team??????????????

Please no!!
coming from someone who barely goes to the TS anymore or how hardly ever posts, hehehehe

hi sue!

Posted at 11:12am May 27, 2011 EDT

Hey Leslie,
how are you doing? I haven't been T'ing lately either--and now YOU!!!????

Posted at 11:15am May 27, 2011 EDT

yeah i must be sick right, hehe
in fact i get my hair cut over by eco and didn't even go in, that's really out of it, hehehe
are you feeling better?

Posted at 11:20am May 27, 2011 EDT


labs perfect, so I must have nothing actually wrong.....
been sleeping a lot--going to bed early and actually sleeping which is really new for me....maybe I am having a growth spurt...oh, wait, I am 46....

Posted at 11:28am May 27, 2011 EDT

did you ask Dr. about the "other", hehe

Posted at 11:40am May 27, 2011 EDT