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Original Post

I had a grand ma that loved garage sales and educated herself to know what was collectible. i am sure she influenced my love of visiting thrift stores.

What do you think influenced your love of thrifting?

Posted at 12:21 pm Jun 20, 2011 EDT


Oh, good question. I have no idea, honestly. I'm 36, and I started going to the thrift store in high school. I hung out with the punk rock crowd, and it was really important for me to have clothes nobody else had. Back then, you couldn't find concert T-shirts, can cans, and Doc Martens at the mall.

Now I like it because I just in general, love clothes. If I buy something for next to nothing, and I only wear it once, then it's not that big of a deal. I also love the hunt. I've found all kinds of crazy stuff at the thrift store! And I love when people tell me how much they like my clothes, and I'm able to say I put the outfit together at the thrift store!

Posted at 7:59 pm Jun 25, 2011 EDT

Growing up, I became familiar with the term pack rat after I got my first apartment. It happened to be right across the street from a Goodwill!

I also think thrifting is hereditary - you either love it or you don't. I loved shopping with my Mom when neither of us had much money to do so, and my Aunt - her sister - in another state, actually had her own thrift shop!

Posted at 1:53 pm Jun 26, 2011 EDT

Because there is nothing like a "great find." I also see things that bring back memories of when I was a child.

Posted at 5:16 pm Jul 8, 2011 EDT

I can totally identify with these responses. I started thrifting in high school, and I'm going into my second year of college this fall. Pretty sure this is going to be a life long hobby :)

I love thrifting because of the hunt. It's a thrill. I went into one of my favorite antique stores yesterday, but I left soon after because I realized that it's not as fun shopping for cool vintage items when the seller already knows what it's worth. Call me crazy, but I like getting the 59 cent items that turn out to be worth 15+ dollars.

I'm new to etsy and selling second hand items, so if you guys have any advice, let me know!



Posted at 9:54 am Jul 14, 2011 EDT

I love thrifting! This past few years I have been finding very memorable items to give my family members as gifts (which they have loved!) Lately I have been buying articles of clothing that catch my eye but that I would never wear. I upcycle them into new items like handbags, dog leashes, etc. It really gets the creative juices flowing.....

Posted at 4:11 pm Jul 23, 2011 EDT

Thifting is like the altimate treasure hunt. And the whole family can get involved, which is the best part. I have decorated most of my first house this way. I am fortunate to live within a 30 minute drive of a huge antique store as well. We have been there so often that the employees know us by face and my four year old son knows where all his favorite toy cars are. Plus its free entertainment, because you aren't required to buy anything unlike going to a retail store.

Posted at 6:11 pm Nov 11, 2011 EST

Rachel J says

I used to be more into yard saleing - but now that I am familiar with the set up of the thrift stores in my area - its a better way to find things - and its fun!

Posted at 12:42 am Dec 29, 2011 EST

It is definitely the fun of the hunt and the excitement of a big find. SCORE!

Posted at 5:12 pm Jan 27, 2012 EST

Rachel, I am pretty exclusively a thrift store shopper now too.

Where we live, we are not allowed to have yard sales, so I have to drive somewhere else and that, I am not motivated to do, on a Sat. and Sun!

Posted at 6:34 pm Jan 27, 2012 EST

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