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You must make and sell clothing. Methods such as screen printing, embroidering or painting pre-made commercially made garments is not elligble.

You must play an active role in the construction of the items you sell, meaning YOU design, cut and stitch the product.

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No large collectives or outsourcing. Partnerships are more than welcome, but we want to make sure that items are handmade and not made in a factory setting.

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Original Post

I thought we could all share some items that have been put on sale! :)

I'm having a 20% off sale on half of my shop! Here's one item currently on sale. See the rest


Posted at 1:16 am Apr 17, 2011 EDT


Hi Tiffany!

You sew such beautiful clothing! :-) Thanks for the link... and good luck with your sale!

I'm having a 25% off sale in my store. Here's a link:

(I connected my own domain name to my Etsy so it will take you there.)

How do you post a pic within the link? That's cool how you did that! :-)

Posted at 6:59 am Apr 17, 2011 EDT

Oh thank you so much! Good luck with your sale too! Your pieces are so beautiful and intricate! Does it take long to make? I actually just pasted in the link and it appeared like that! I didn't know either!

Posted at 8:02 am Apr 17, 2011 EDT

SavoyFaire says

Good luck with your sales! It would be great to hear back how you did as the few sales I did weren't worth doing. I do more of specials type of thing instead and remember google doesn't like the word "sale" so it may skip your listings altogether.

The real reason is due to what we make as you don't want to come across as a discounter so just be careful how often you run one. As I've positioned myself as an artist my demographic doesn't expect it anyways.

Posted at 7:45 am Apr 18, 2011 EDT

Hi thegirlwithafeather,

You're welcome! Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment :-) Yes, it takes sometimes a week or more to sew one corset. But I love sewing them.

Oh, thanks for telling me... I'll try posting a link within the body of the text and see if that works next time!

Posted at 3:13 pm Apr 18, 2011 EDT

Hi SavoyFaire,

Thanks so much for the good wishes for our sales! I didn't know that google won't list a "sale"... interesting. I'll read up on how better to do a promotion.

I know what you mean... not even a nibble on my sale. Thanks for the heads up. I'm sure you know from experience and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us!

Posted at 3:15 pm Apr 18, 2011 EDT

SavoyFaire says

It's always good to try for yourself as our customer demographics all differ due to our pricepoints but then learn from it. Sometimes we need to raise prices rather than lower them. : )

Posted at 8:55 pm Apr 18, 2011 EDT

SavoyFaire says

Here is the post on SEO/Google if you haven't read it yet:

It reminded me to shorted my titles again and wow did they take off! Views and hearts went way up!

Posted at 9:03 pm Apr 18, 2011 EDT

These are good advices, SavoyFaire, thanks! I haven't read this, too. Now I will rename all my listings :)

Posted at 12:38 am Apr 19, 2011 EDT

Thank you so much SavoyFaire for all these suggestions. I will definately have a read of that article! Now that I think of it, sales have never really worked for me!

Good luck everyone

Posted at 8:02 am Apr 20, 2011 EDT

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