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My big Ragdoll burst out of the front door,as I was walking in today.

He took off top sped around the side of the house.Did a complete circle of the house and ran back up and into the open door.

This took all of a few minutes.All I could do was laugh!!

He's very special.

Posted at 6:59 pm Jul 3, 2012 EDT

LOL! I didn't know a Ragdoll could get up and move like that.

Right now Churchill is sleeping on my desk with his tongue tip hanging out. :-) This is after he drooled all over my keyboard. Sigh. I keep a hankie on hand to clean up after him. He loves to help me type, and it's hard to tell him NO.

Posted at 10:53 pm Jul 3, 2012 EDT

ptoronen says

Ooh my... Our Lola the Old Lady will never, ever throw up on an "open space" in the floor. She chooses to vomit on a carpet, sofa or (the favourite) our bed :) And she does it right after I've left in the morning so that it'll be nicely absorbed when I get home again... I think it's her idea of hiding the vomit "on the ground", lol :D

Let's face it: they can do what ever they want and we'll LOVE them! And they know it... ;)

Posted at 5:31 pm Jul 10, 2012 EDT

hahaha...I think Lola is sending messages to my's almost like they try to run up to higher ground when a hairball is imminent...So much so that practically all my furniture is covered in those cheap little fleecy throws...Home and Garden Magazine would never visit my apt!!

Posted at 5:01 pm Jul 11, 2012 EDT

ptoronen says

LOL... I know what you mean :D Those cover throws are very familiar to me too! And I've been forced to throw away carpets, shoes and stuff because of "the hidden vomit" (all time favourite ;D ) that you won't find until after few days... all desiccated and practically impossible to clean up! So Home and Garden- please do not come here!! ;)

Posted at 5:36 pm Jul 11, 2012 EDT

I live in fear of the "drop in" when my friends just decide to drop by when they're in the neighborhood...hard to explain to non-cat people what you have to deal with! :)

Posted at 7:03 pm Jul 13, 2012 EDT

with warm weather is supposed to come bugs...but we got a cat in the past year who is an EXCELLENT hunter and who has developed a taste for bugs. We dont even have fruit flies! so yesterday he was standing at the patio door...the OPEN patio door and managed to catch a fly and eat it..the fly had the whole patio door wide open to escape through but no...Puffin got him...

Posted at 10:12 am Jul 26, 2012 EDT

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