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Original Post

I'm offering 10% off your purchase in my Etsy store because I reached 150+ Twitter followers:

Coupon Code: DBTSocialMedia2011

Posted at 2:50pm Jul 13, 2011 EDT


Stop by this BNR for a 25% off coupon code and a free gift with purchase!


Posted at 5:36pm Jul 20, 2011 EDT

bookity says

Hello everyone - I'm offering a 10% discount for the next seven days. Use BOOK10 at the checkout!

Posted at 5:34am Jul 22, 2011 EDT

ClassicallyRomantic says
Edited on Jul 25, 2011

Hello all! Long time no post!
My shop's 1-year birthday is coming up next week! So I'm doing 4 days of activities...4 daily coupon codes, and 4 daily giveaways! The giveaways will be on my Fb page and the codes will be announced on the Fb page, my shop announcement and the birthday event page.

Here are the links! Hope you can all come!

Fb: www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Classically-Romantic/169621639715...

Event page: www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=179379882128439

Something from the shop to pique insterest ;)


Posted at 1:54pm Jul 25, 2011 EDT

In honor of September 1st, I am holding a Back to School Sale!

Use code SCHOOL2011 to get 20% off anything in my store!

Posted at 11:52am Sep 1, 2011 EDT

All through September I'm going to be featuring a few discount codes.

The first is in celebration of my birthday! Use HAPPYBDAY28 for 28% off anything in my shop! This coupon runs now through the 10th.

The next coupon will be posted on the 11th. :-)

Posted at 4:02pm Sep 2, 2011 EDT

And in honor of Labor Day I am holding an even more fantastic sale! Buy any piece and get a matching piece for FREE! It is only good today though! :)

Posted at 2:26pm Sep 5, 2011 EDT

Due to a custom order leaving me high and dry I'm liquidating a 6 pound bulk order of Rosemary Bath Salts for $30:
It's a great option for stocking stuffers, favors, hostess gifts, or to feed your bath salt addiction!

Posted at 2:04pm Sep 9, 2011 EDT

RhoswenFaerie says
Edited on Sep 11, 2011

New coupon code up.
Enter REMEMBER11 for 11% off in my shop!
Next coupon will be posted on the 21st!

Posted at 11:31pm Sep 11, 2011 EDT