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Original Post

okbuyer says

A USPS SCAN form, , , Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice, is available through PayPal using their Mulit-Order Shipping tool as well as the USPS website.

The purpose of the USPS SCAN form is to allow you have all of your Delivery Confirmation numbers for every parcel that you are mailing with that SCAN form entered as a "Shipment Accepted" entry into the USPS system along with the time and date it was accepted.

Some Post Office workers will not scan the actual barcode on your shipping label if you did not purchase that postage from them. You may not have a problem with a postal worker scanning 1 or 2 labels that are attached to your parcels, but if you have several parcels don't be surprised if they put a stop to this. They are not required to scan your Delivery Confirmation labels, but they are required to scan your USPS SCAN form.

The USPS SCAN form has one barcode on it as well as the number of items you are mailing with that form. So if the form says 4 items, you cannot have 5 presented to the USPS employee. When you select Pay & Print from the Multi-Order shipping tool in PayPal, it will import (load) all of the Delivery Confirmation numbers on each shipping label that you will be printing and, for lack of a better word, convert those into one master barcode on the SCAN form.

You can present the SCAN form at the half door (Dutch Door), retail widow, dock or to any USPS mail carrier you might see along the road or when they come deliver you mail. They will then scan the form and take you packages from you. You get the SCAN form back for your records.

It is important to note that the only method of scanning the SCAN form at this time is with the handheld MDCD scanner. Some postal workers that work at the retail window may not be familiar with this form and may attempt to scan the form with their POS (Point Of Sale) scanner which is attached to their terminal; this will not work on the SCAN from. So inform them the POS scanner will not work for this purpose and to please use the MDCD (handheld) scanner in the back room.

The best part of all of this is you may be able to ship from your home or office without having to schedule a USPS pickup, more about this later.

Posted at 11:45pm Feb 6, 2011 EST


bohtieque says

This post has been removed.

Posted at 5:54am Feb 7, 2011 EST

okbuyer says

To print the USPS SCAN form through PayPal shipping, you must have the PayPal Multi-Order Shipping plug-in installed in your PayPal account.


To do this, simply go to this link and the plug-in will be installed. After it has been installed, you will see a link for Multi-order Shipping in your "My account tools" section on the right hand side of your main (My Account tab) PayPal page.

After this is done, all of your paid orders will be loaded into this program. From that point you need to add a “Service Type and Package” from the drop down in the program. Once you select the method of shipping you want, I use the First Class Mail Parcel - Package/Thick Envelope" option, you will then select the weight of your parcel from the "Add Weight" drop down box. After this is done, you will see a green box come into view on the far left of that item which means "Ready to print a label". Also note that you can edit many aspects of your shipping label using the EDIT button located on the SHIPPING DETAILS box on the far right.

You’re now ready to pay and print.

On the upper left side of this program you will see "Print" located just above the "Orders to Ship" tab. After clicking that you will then see another link that says "Pay & Print" and yet another box will open with some options, just select the one you want. Now, after you complete the previous steps, all of your Delivery Confirmation numbers will be loaded into this program to be readied for your SCAN form.

Once the green progress bar, "obtaining tracking numbers" is complete another dialog box will open with three button options, "Print Sample Label", "Print Scan Form", "Print Label". I print the SCAN form first then the shipping labels. By default, the shipping label will print on one half of an 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper and the other half will be the receipt/instructions. You can adjust the setting within the program to only print the shipping label in order to save paper and ink, more on this later if you request how to do this.

If you have any questions on this, please let me know.

Posted at 12:19pm Feb 7, 2011 EST

okbuyer says

This post has been removed.

Posted at 12:57pm Feb 7, 2011 EST

YAY! At last I understand scan form. Thanks!

Posted at 3:53pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT

Thanks so much for this info!!

Posted at 12:30am May 13, 2011 EDT

Thank you for this most informative post.!!!

Posted at 4:27pm Oct 15, 2011 EDT

Thanks for the great info!

Posted at 10:21am Nov 2, 2011 EDT

Thank you. I didn't know what this was, now I know.

Posted at 10:30pm Feb 3, 2012 EST

Thank you,

This post and all the responses were really helpful. I will make use of this form.


Posted at 9:31pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT