Lyme Artisans Temporary Leaders

Who can join?

Lyme Artisans has the following requirements:

Any artisan with Lyme disease, or an advocate who is supporting a Lyme patient or Lyme awareness project, with their whichever art form they are most pleased to make and sell :) .

*This is not a place to promote or debate any particular protocol or supplement.

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Original Post

Posted this last night on our little FB group - didn't have the energy to come over here. Nani and Marjorie wrote in happy to help, so I have made them team leaders. Thank you!!! Please make future posts on this topic at:

I need to put a temporary fellow admin or 2 in place. I have hit a new phase in treatment that knocked me on my rear today...and it's highly likely to be extended. Even if this were not so, I am travelling next week to see my LLMD in Ga. My internet access while there is glitchy and scant at best, and I need 2-3 others who can are willing and able to jump in and act for the group. You will be a temporary admin on this page and on Etsy and the community page, so that anything can be dealt with.

I personally would chose
1. Nani - because she is currently active in assisting the groups formation, was forward in making the wonderful Fan/Community page for Lyme Artisans, and has a good history in Lyme advocacy through art.
2. Marjorie - because I know her fairly well though from a distance, and she has a good record of promoting many other Lyme crafters and benefits on her personal page and "Leaving Lymeville" - I would say better than I have even done!
3. Open.

The position would be temporary until we carry out an official election, but foundational.

Posted at 12:28pm Feb 10, 2011 EST

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