Beautiful Dreamers OOAK Art Dolls and Other Creations Thank you for the invitation!

Who can join?

Beautiful Dreamers OOAK Art Dolls and Other Creations is a moderated team with the following requirements:

-Please note that this team is currently full-
-No longer accepting applications
-One of A Kind (OOAK) Creations
-Designed and Created By You
-Must be Fine Art (not decorative home decor)
-Fine Art Dolls, Sculpture, Paper Dolls, Goth, and Animal Whimsies
-Must be of Outstanding Quality.
-Must be for the Collector Community
-Your items must be whimsical, wistful, and creative.
-Items are not play toys
-Specializing in exceptional Artists who strive to create Beauty, and a touch of Mystery.

-We do not endorse things of a gory nature, and require good feedback in artists reviews. If you are new to Etsy, and feel that you are a good fit, please feel free to apply! :)

-We are a team that supports communication between like minded creative artist who wish to be part of a team that expresses the essence of craftsmanship.

- Members must create quality items with good craftsmanship in mind.

- Be courteous to all Team members & Etsy community. If this guideline is not followed this may be grounds for removal from the team.

- If you feel as if you have been mistreated by another member please convo the captain or leader. We are a team of mutual support.

-There is no required participation. Your wonderful OOAK creations is all the participation needed. Treasuries, and other promotional forms would just be icing on the cake.

-Post ONLY your Art Doll creations, sculptural work, topics on the subject on this Team Forum. - Some of our team members are multi-talented creators, but we want to keep the team on subject.

- Some Applicants may be left pending if not enough work is completed or if work does not fit criteria or "Set of Rules".

- Please do not convo me about your application

Feel free to apply, I will review each application, and see if you fit within "Beautiful Dreamers OOAK Art Dolls and Other Creations" Team.

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Original Post

Thank you to FadedRoseFactory for inviting me to such a wonderful group! I feel very honored to be accepted and so very happy that there is a group on Etsy for OOAK Doll Artists. I am very excited!

Posted at 12:22 am Jan 14, 2012 EST


This post has been removed.

Posted at 10:54 am Mar 10, 2013 EDT

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