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Original Post

classy, messy, fun, unique, etc....

Posted at 5:18am Nov 29, 2011 EST


Fresh, natural, rustic, intruiging :)

Posted at 9:43am Nov 29, 2011 EST

It's clean, elegant, simple, and just pretty!

Posted at 11:09am Nov 29, 2011 EST

Little rock,
Classy, rustic, good natured, warm

Posted at 2:58pm Nov 29, 2011 EST

Judit from Glassimo says

strong colors, deep, statement art

Posted at 6:18pm Nov 29, 2011 EST


Bold colors, elegant, fun, beautiful! ( I love it!)

Posted at 1:46pm Nov 30, 2011 EST

the blue blanket caught my eye immediately - very cool. You def need more items and I suggest more interesting photographs...drape the blankets over something cool outside so you can get the natural light.

Posted at 5:33pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

AutumnAndAmber, your phographs are great, differnet than the studio photos!
After your shop, I guess you're a gay person.
But I didnt loved only your banner, just my personnal view!

Posted at 9:41am Dec 3, 2011 EST

Nodoy else

Posted at 3:52pm Dec 3, 2011 EST

Clean, fresh, colorful, creative....great variety of beautiful items...lovely shop!

Your photography is spot on...great job!

Posted at 10:39pm Dec 3, 2011 EST