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Original Post

I just wanted to check and see if anyone has heard anything new. Also, does Cindy need house stuff, etc.?

Posted at 9:13am Jul 27, 2011 EDT


crochetgal says

Right now Cindy is doing fine. They are slowly getting their lives back together.

Posted at 7:04am Jul 29, 2011 EDT

ZenGarden says

Please keep us updated whenever possible and appropriate. She remains in my heart and thoughts.

(Sending my love and prayers to you Lucinda.)

Posted at 4:59am Oct 15, 2011 EDT

She is in my thoughts daily as well. I really miss her presence, but understand her absence.

Hugs and love Cindy!!

Posted at 10:33am Oct 15, 2011 EDT

Absolutely daily...She just doesn't know how deeply we have all been touched...((( We love and miss our Lucinda..)))

Posted at 1:32am Oct 24, 2011 EDT