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Original Post

Ann Swaim says

I opened my store about a month ago. I have had on order in that time, but of course I would like more. Can you please take a look at it and give me some criticism? Thanks in advance for your help!

Posted at 2:03 pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT


Ann Swaim says

Help please? :) Thanks!

Posted at 2:03 pm Jun 22, 2012 EDT

Stephanie says
Edited on Jun 22, 2012

I think your shop looks amazing!

Your photos are gorgeous, but you need more of them! Use up those photo slots! I love that you show your other available colors, too. Maybe use the rest of your photos to convey size or what the customer can do with your product in everyday life.

Your item descriptions are pretty awesome (I really only read the Tom Baker scarf listing all the way through though.)

Your policies are spot on, and have inspired me to revamp my own.

You could probably use to tweak your search tags a bit. I've found that using only one word per tag is detrimental. Use phrases that people would use to find your stuff.
For example, the Doctor Who scarf:
Your tags were multi, color, extra, long, knit, homemade, handmade.
I would get rid of all of those. Handmade, Homemade and Knit are all already helping you in search because of the way you listed the item. Use those tag spots for something you don't already have working for you. You already have the phrase extra long as a tag, and the two words seperately probably arent' helping much. And I think multicolor as one word would help more.

Wow, that was a rambling post. I really love your shop!! You seem to be doing awesomely well so far, and I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you so much for reading!

Posted at 4:44 pm Jun 22, 2012 EDT

Ann Swaim says

Thank you so much for your input! I have been slowly working on my tags and was not surprised to see that as an issue. I have more pictures but my husband is the one who processes them and he needs a little kick in the aft end to get it done. I'm hoping to make some improvements this weekend. I'm so excited to get your honest feedback! Thank you!

Posted at 9:31 pm Jun 22, 2012 EDT

Ann Swaim says

I've made a lot of adjustments to my store. Would you mind taking a second look? Thanks!

Posted at 4:03 pm Jun 26, 2012 EDT

enrooted from AutisticticArt

Changed from enrooted on Jul 8, 2016


You need more items!!! Your items are gorgeous, but when I enter your shop I am done looking after 2 minutes going "Awww, done already?" Your pictures are nice and crisp, the colors are really bright and inviting, very friendly feel to it...but there's not enough to browse through! I know I are just starting up - so am I XD Just letting you know that your shop has a very nice feel to it, people will want to spend more time there, than just 2 minutes.

Posted at 9:33 pm Jun 29, 2012 EDT

Ann Swaim says

Thank you! I'm working on more items. I should have 2 more up later today. There's a piece I'm working on now that is made from home spun wool. I bought the yarn from a lady at a sheep and wool festival and no two skeins were the same, so the item will be a one off, one of a kind item. It's extremely fine wool and I have put about 10 hours over the last week into it so far. So that will be up as soon as I finish it. I wish I could just sit and knit all day but unfortunately I do have a full time job to go to. My husband will be very flattered to here your complement on the photos, he's my photographer. :) I will keep working on items. So stay tuned!! Thanks!

Posted at 9:20 am Jul 1, 2012 EDT

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