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Original Post

Мodern life provokes and requires constant multitasking, as simple as listening to music while exercising. And of course, our social interaction is negatively affected. Have you noticed how young people manage to text and listen to music while having a conversation? They may be really good at switching their attention rapidly between 3 actions, but in fact, they are physically incapable of focusing on both in the same moment.

So, I decided to experiment with myself. I consciously shut off multitasking.
Read on:

Posted at 6:51am Aug 2, 2011 EDT


Great points to ponder!

Posted at 4:45pm Aug 2, 2011 EDT

CBJudith says

Excellent points re multi-tasking in your blog.

I hate not having a person's full attention, when I am talking with them. I guess that is part of my teaching background.

However, it filters down to everything in life. Just like a garden,
different things require different handling and you can't do two
thought provoking things at one time.

Kudos to you and your blog, Kanelstrand. I like your photos!

= ) Judith

Posted at 12:46pm Aug 10, 2011 EDT

Now I do not feel so bad for not being a very good at multitasking. Thanks! =)

Posted at 3:19pm Aug 10, 2011 EDT

You are welcome, ladies!
It is great when we share experience and help each other get inspired and grow, isn't it!

Posted at 4:57pm Aug 13, 2011 EDT